Best Earbuds Under $100 – 2017 Reviews & Guide

Ear buds have totally revolutionized the music and audio industry, what’s the first thing which comes to your mind when you hear “ear buds” it’s quite simple, you think about portable and easy to carry, lightweight and convenient music on the go. Since the introduction of ear buds in the tech industry, there have been numerous companies which strive to manufacture the best ear buds possible at the most economical rates. However the challenge in the ear buds industry is to make sure you provide the best of sound at the lightest of material possible. This is a bit tricky but given the advancement in technology, we have now some of the best ear breaking ear buds available to us and not only that the immense demand and high volume production has made them a very inexpensive option, ranging from 5 to under a 100 dollars.

We bring to you at best under some of the most preferred and in-demand ear buds money can buy, let’s start exploring.

Primary Features:

  • Durability
  • Sound Quality
  • Compatibility
  • Comfort

Secondary Features:

  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Weight
  • Design

1. Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds – Noise-isolating Headphones with Mic & Volume Control

If you are looking for a set of headphones that are of good quality and guarantee you an enjoyable listening experience, these Symphonized headphones are the perfect choice. They come with a variety of features and have a solid build as well.

What We Like

Material: Wood is known to have marked acoustic properties. This is why it is a popular material used in the making of musical instruments. These unique sounds have entranced musicians and have given it importance over time. Even today, Symphonized has come up with a pair of earbuds that have been handcrafted and are made with the finest wood which gives you a listening experience that is unmatched by most earbuds available nowadays.

Design: The in-ear design of these headphones means that you will not be disturbed by any surrounding noises. Noise-cancelling earbuds are your best way to ensure that you will have the best listening experience possible.

Comfort: These earbuds come in three different sizes, so that you can choose between small, medium and large of the silicone ear sleeves so that the earbuds are comfortable and the perfect size for you. The product also comes with a carrying pouch so that you can easily take the earbuds along with you wherever you go.

Ease of Use: These earbuds come with a number of useful functions that make them highly convenient to use. With the Symphonized headphones you are able to adjust volume, answer calls and end them, use Voice Control, skip audios with the help of the in-line microphone. The TPE cable of this product has sleek look and is available in six colors that you can choose from. No matter how much you raise the volume, you will not experience any sort of breakage.

Compatibility: These headphones have a visually appealing design and are exceptional in terms of audio quality. This means that they will be compatible with the new versions of iPhones, iPads and iPods. These headphones also work well with Android devices, tablet computers and mp3 players.

Final Thoughts About Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds

Overall, these headphones are your best choice because you will not have to worry about having to deal with any hassles as this set makes sure that whatever you are listening to, you enjoy it in the most convenient way possible. You will not regret buying this product.

2. Panasonic ErgoFit Earbud Headphones RP-HJE120-A – Crystal Clear Sound & Ergonomic Comfort-Fit

The Panasonic RP-HJE120 ErgoFit earphones are your best way of making sure that your listening experience is as good as it gets. This set comes with a variety of useful features and is one the best products in terms of audio quality.

What We Like

Material: These earphones have been made with a sturdy and durable material that will not get damaged easily. The workmanship on the earbuds is solid so that you can rely on these earphones even when you are outdoors. The cord is made of pliant but strong material which does not fray or break off.

Design: These earphones have been made with a unique ultra-soft design that fit snugly in your ears. The in-ear design means that these earphones are able to adjust to your ears no matter what size they are. The ear pads come in three sizes which are small, medium and large so that you can choose whichever suits you best. The color is vivid and gives the earphones an aesthetically appealing look, especially for younger people.

Comfort: The cord of the earphones is 3.6 feet long which means that you can easily thread it through your clothing or your bag and your movement will not be restricted.

Ease of Use: With this pair of earphones, your listening experience will be improved. This is because the Panasonic RP-HJE120 ErgoFit earphones come with large nine millimeter neodymium drivers that deliver a wide response of frequency. The design of the earbuds also means that any annoying noises from your surroundings will be cancelled so that you can focus on and enjoy whatever it is that you are listening to.

Compatibility: These headphones work with almost all latest gadgets and devices that come with a headphone jack.

Price: These headphones only cost around ten dollars. This way you will be getting high-quality earphones at an incredibly cheap cost.

Final Thoughts About Panasonic ErgoFit Earbud Headphones RP-HJE120-A

If you wish to enjoy listening to audios in the cheapest and most enjoyable way, this set is perfect for you. With its sturdy build and array of convenient features, these earphones guarantee your satisfaction. You will not regret buying this set as it will cater to your every need regarding earphones. They are comfortable and the audio quality is exquisite even at high volumes. These earphones come with all the advanced functions at an affordable price which is why you should not hesitate and buy them as soon as possible.

3. SENSO Bluetooth Earbuds w/ Mic – IPX7 Waterproof HD Stereo & Sweat-proof

SENSO is known to be one of the most reliable sources when it comes to electronic accessories. Their products are all of the finest quality and never fail to satisfy the customer. If you are looking for a good pair of headphones with additional features, this is your best bet.

What We Like

Material: These headphones have been made with sturdy material so that you do not need to worry about them getting damaged even when you are travelling.

Design: The design of these headphones is quite stylish and ergonomic as well. They do not have cords so that you are free from having to untangling long, tedious wires. They have a sleek black design which gives them a modern touch.

Comfort: When it comes to comfort, these headphones are incomparable. The ear hooks have been made with gel flex silicone which means that they fit snugly in your ears and do not cause any sort of irritation or pain. They also stay where you place them so that you do not have to worry about them falling out or having to untangle long cords.

Ease of Use: With this set of headphones you can easily connect to any Bluetooth enabled device up to thirty feet away. The Noise Suppression feature allows you to enjoy your preferred tracks and pick calls without having to skip them or miss any words. The sound quality is perfect as you will be able to enjoy a deep bass and a clear treble.

Compatibility: This device is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices and can be connected to two smartphones at the same time.

Price: These headphones cost around forty dollars. This is a fairly reasonable price because these headphones are unique in the aspect that they come with a number of useful features that you are not able to find in most normal sets of headphones.

Final Thoughts About SENSO Bluetooth HD Stereo Earbuds

The long-lasting battery means that you will be able to enjoy these headphones for almost 8 hours and you will only need to charge it for an hour and a half. The one year warranty assures you that this product is of a high standard and will not disappoint you in any way. So do not wait, get your set as soon as possible, and enjoy music to its fullest.

4. AOKII Wired Bass Stereo Earbuds with Mic

If you are in search of a pair of headphones that will be able to let you enjoy your music in the most comfortable and enjoyable manner, then the AOKII wired earphones are your ideal choice. With their selection of useful features and modern design, these headphones guarantee the best listening experience you could imagine.

What We Like

Material: These headphones have been made with soft but strong silicone that ensures that your ears will have maximum comfort but the material will not wear down. The back of the headphones have been made with aluminum alloy so that you can enjoy your headphones even when you are outdoors as the material is both durable and sweat proof.

Design: The design of these headphones is trendy but it is also practical so that your comfort is not compromised. The in-ear design means that the headphones will remain snugly in your ears and you do not have to worry about them falling out. The cord is long so that you are not restricted from movement and can easily use your headphones and even share them with someone else.

Comfort: Silicon pads on the earbuds mean that these headphones will be utterly comfortable and will not cause you any sort of strain on your ears. The long cords mean that you can move about freely.

Ease of Use: These headphones come with a high-performing driver that increases the prominence of the bass in your audios so that your listening experience is better than ever. You are also given a number of useful features such as the option of answering and ending calls, pausing and playing so that you can listen to the tracks at your own pace.

Compatibility: The audio jack of these headphones is 3.5 mm of gold plated metal which means that you can plug it into almost any device that is of 3.5 mm interface. This includes iPhones, IPods, iPads, Android, tablets, mp3 players and others.

Price: This set costs around ten dollars which means that you are able to enjoy the best music at the cheapest price.

Final Thoughts About AOKII Wired Bass Stereo Earbuds with Mic

No matter where you look, you will not be able to find a pair of headphones with as many benefits as this one. It comes with multiple convenient features and has a stylish look as well. You will most definitely be pleased when you use this product.

5. Syllable D900Mini Truly Wireless Earbuds with Charging Box – Noise Cancelling, Sweatproof Bluetooth Earbuds

Listening to music or audios is an experience that cannot be fully enjoyed without a good set of headphones. These Syllable headphones are perfect for you so that you can have the best listening experience without any sort of problems.

What We Like

Material: The headphones have been made with hardy and durable material that has been crafted with solid workmanship so that the product works perfectly no matter what.

Design: The design of these headphones is stylish and sleek. They are also small so that you can easily carry them around with you in a discreet manner. They weigh less than half a gram and are about as long as thirty millimeters. This size means that they are highly portable and the ideal choice for frequent travellers.

Comfort: The lightweight design of the headphones also means that there will be no added burden on your ears when you wear them. The silicone caps ensure that there is no strain on your ears and that you are as comfortable as possible.

Ease of Use: They are wireless so you do not need to worry about the cord tangling or the wires getting stuck in your hair or clothes. The box in which the earphones are placed aren’t just a convenient carrying box but also serve as a charging unit. This box has a powerful lithium battery which allows your headphones to charge quickly when you are not using them. This can charge the earbuds almost six times so that you can extend the battery life of the earbuds by almost twelve hours wherever you are.

Compatibility: This set of headphones is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device no matter what brand it is or what specifications it has.

Price: These hi-tech headphones cost only around fifty dollars which means that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of an excellent gadget at a fairly reasonable price.

Final Thoughts About Syllable D900Mini Truly Wireless Earbuds

The Syllable D900MINI earbuds come with a variety of useful features and functions. You can receive calls and do this without a long cord bothering you. You do not need to worry about charging and the quality is top-notch as well. With so many pros in one product, you should not hesitate and buy it as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, some of the best earbuds your wallet can afford and not only that but also with the most supreme sound and quality as well. Our internet searching and technical gadgets experts spent hundreds of hours on finding these top quality ear buds under 100 dollars. They had some metrics to follow such as ensuring the design, material, quality, sound and price to consider. You can always thank us later and search our site for more exciting deals and gifts under 100 dollars.

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