Best Prom Dresses Under $100 (Women) – 2017 Reviews & Guide

Prom dresses have become a must have in the recent years with the last dance or last day or even farewells at high school and colleges. Female’s students require a special dress to wear to the prom. Prom dresses have to be unique and have to basically give your personality a shout out. At the same time prom dresses cannot be simple, they have to be exuberant and unique, elegance is another word which comes to mind when you think of a prom dress.

Nowadays prom dances and prom parties are held throughout the world and girls eat their heart outs to get their hands at a prom dress. The United States is the frontrunner in prom dances and the fame attached to this tradition. However here we bring to you some of the best prom dresses which you can find, we have placed special emphasis on pricing of the prom dress so that you can get a great deal out of your money. Many times girls will not wear their prom dress again and hence it can become a onetime thing. Apart from the pricing we took into account the fabric of the prom dresses, designs of the prom dress and overall satisfaction rate from those who have bought them already. So here we go

Primary Features:

  • Fabric Quality
  • Style
  • Fitting
  • Comfort

Secondary Features:

  • Price
  • Stitching
  • Trendy
  • Design

1. Speechless Junior’s Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress

If you are looking for a way to stand out at your next formal event, this is the perfect dress for you. It has a simplistic yet elegant look which is sure to turn heads. With its excellent quality and strong material this dress has been designed to stun onlookers. The black color adds a Gothic touch to the otherwise summery form of the dress.

What We Like

Fabric Material: This dress has been made from pure polyester material. Polyester is a comfortable and strong fabric that works in any temperature so you will not be uneasy no matter what the weather is like.

Design & Print: The dress has a simple yet sophisticated design. It has a basic block color which is black. This way you can look good but your dress will not be stealing the spotlight from you. Black color is also dark and will help to make any other accessories stand out. It gives a mature and chic look. The dress is short sleeved which means you can accentuate your look with bangles and you will not be restricted by long and fussy sleeves. The cold shoulder is a unique design which allows you to show off your shoulders and gives the dress a glamorous look. This dress is perfect for any formal event because it is maxi length which gives the dress an older look which makes you look mature and stylish at the same time. The slit on the side allows you to show off your legs in a classy way. Overall, the dress has been designed in a simple manner that helps you to look elegant while also having some formality to the outfit.

Size and fittings: This dress is available in several sizes so that you can wear it no matter what your size is. It fits in a way that outlines your figure while also giving you space to breathe so that your comfort is not compromised.

Pricing: This dress costs around forty dollars. Price varies depending on size.

Final Thoughts About Speechless Junior's Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress

This dress is not only affordable but it also incredibly practical as well. It can be worn on both formal and casual occasions and will be sure to make you look good. It gives the wearer an air of charisma and maturity while also being utterly comfortable. Buying this dress is a decision that you surely will not regret.

2. Stunning A-line Scoop Long Chiffon Prom Dress Evening Gown with Beading

This prom dress is your shot at looking your best at your prom or any other formal event. It has a fancy yet comfortable design and has been intricately beaded and has a glamorous design that will surely stun everyone else. This evening gown is the ultimate way to turn heads and look gorgeous at your prom.

What We Like

Fabric Material: The dress has been made with excellent chiffon material which is sleek and sophisticated. It is perfect for formal occasions as it is smooth and it looks very appealing.

Design & Print: This dress has an elegant open backed design that allows you to look good and adds a lot of chicness to the dress. It gives it a touch of glamour that is enhanced by the front of the dress that has been beaded through with glittering gems that will make sure that you stand out amongst everyone else. The beads give the dress a sparkling and beautiful look that makes it suitable for fancy events so that you will not be dulled in the crowd. The dress comes with a built in bra so that you do not need to worry about the fit in regards to that. The dress comes in a number of vibrant and beautiful colors that you can choose from based on your own preference.

Size and fittings: For size it is best to refer to size chart that has been provided by the brand so that you will have the perfect fit according to your size. This dress comes in multiple sizes so you do not need to worry if you can find it in your size or not as it caters to people of all sizes. However, if you find that your size does not match with the general size chart then you can choose the ‘custom-made’ option and you will be contacted by the brand so that you can sort out your personalized measurements.

Comfort: With its soft chiffon and simple sleeveless design this dress is sure to be comfortable enough for the wearer to be able to enjoy themselves without having to bother about the dress. The hem is long and the dress is full-length so you do not need to worry about any revealing accidents.

Pricing: The dress ranges from sixty up to a hundred dollars based on size.

Final Thoughts About Long Chiffon Prom Dress Evening Gown

This dress is a must-buy if you have any formal events soon. You will definitely be pleased by it.

3. Firose Women’s Scoop Neckline Chiffon Prom Dresses

This dress is so stunning that you are bound to make a lasting impression no matter where you wear it. It is your ideal choice if you plan on going to any formal events in the near future then this dress is the best option for you. Beautifully designed and made with excellent material this dress is the perfect way of looking your best at the event that you will be at.

What We Like

Fabric Material: The dress has been made with chiffon which is any incredibly soft and sleek-looking material. Chiffon is a lightweight material which is comfortable but also looks really elegant and glamorous. This stylish yet comfy fabric is also strong and does not tear or wear down easily.

Design & Print: This dress has been designed in such a way that it is simple enough to be worn easily but is intricate in terms of form. The neckline has been made in a halter scoop which lets the wearer be at ease so you do not need to worry about your neckline getting out of place. It has an illusion back and the zipper has been cleverly concealed so that it does not mar the appearance of the dress but adds convenience as you can easily slip into the dress with the help of the zipper. The dress is floor length which gives it a mature and elegant touch and makes it perfect for formal occasions. The top of the dress is beaded with gems that make it look stylish and fancy enough so that the dress is perfect for a party. The beaded top gives a perfect contrast to the simple skirt, so that you do not look too over the top.

Size and fittings: When it comes to size you do not need to worry. Just give your personal measurements such as your height and hip width and the dress will be made so that it fits your figure perfectly.

Pricing: The dress is around a hundred dollars in price.

Final Thoughts About Firose Women's Scoop Neckline Chiffon Prom Dresses

If you are looking for a dress that will help you in standing out at your formal event, this is it. It is perfect in every way and looks great on you no matter what your size or height is. It adds dimensions to your figure and ensures that you look breath taking wherever you end up wearing it.

4. EverPretty Elegant Sleeveless Long Chiffon Dress

This gown takes a simplistic approach and gives it an elegant and glamorous twist. For some occasions, it is best to go with a simple yet formal dress. This dress is the best option for formal events such as prom or weddings. This is a stylish and simple dress which gives you an appealing look but does not outshine the rest of your outfit. It allows you to look stunning in the most low-key way possible.

What We Like

Fabric Material: The dress has been made of one hundred percent pure polyester. Polyester is a lightweight yet durable fabric that is able to resist against wear and tear and is not easy to damage. It is comfortable to wear and looks great.

Design & Print: This dress has been designed in an incredibly simple way that makes it even more eye-catching. There is minimal beading on the sleeves that draws attention to your face and evens out your posture. It is made of excellent floor-length. The skirt is long enough to drape across your figure and help you show off your statuesque figure. If you are tall, a floor length dress is best for you. This dress comes in a number of vibrant and hued colors such as peach, teal, navy blue, black etc. so you can choose according to your preference and what suits you best. The dress comes with sufficient padding on the front so you can skip a brassiere if you do not want to be uncomfortable or if you are worried about size. The zipper on the back is hidden from view so the look of the dress is not defaced by it. There is a narrow belt across the waist which streamlines your figure and gives you an attractive hourglass shape. The shoulder is sheer which adds an ultra-stylish look to the gown.

Size and fittings: There are several size options for this dress that you can choose from. The product has a size chart that you can refer to when you order it so that you can get the dress in your exact size.

Pricing: It costs around sixty dollars.

Final Thoughts About EverPretty Elegant Sleeveless Long Chiffon Dress

In summation, it must be said that this dress is your key to looking great without being too fancy and uncomfortable. This dress is elegant and perfect for any formal occasion so that you can look your best and fit in.

5. LOSRLY Women’s Glitter High Split Sequin Maxi Long Party Dress

If you are looking for a way to look both glamorous and elegant then this dress is your ideal solution. It has a basic form with detailed and intricate work on the body of the dress and made from durable material, this dress is the best way to look vibrant and sophisticated at your next formal event. This dress has all that you want and it comes at a reasonable price, which makes it perfect in every way.

What We Like

Fabric Material: The LOSRLY women’s evening dress has been made out of pure polyester and spandex material. These materials are light and durable so that you are comfortable and do not need to worry about your dress being easily damaged.

Design & Print: The dress has been covered across with gleaming sequins that have been arranged in simple yet beautiful patterns. . The back has a keyhole opening that makes it even more glamorous and trendy. The diamond sequins sparkle in a subtle and eye-catching way. It has a gorgeous V-neck which gives it a put-together look. The dress holds snugly to your figure so that your shape is streamlined and it is flush against your curves and helps you show them off. The sequin bodice has a slit in the front that adds further chicness to the dress. Because it is floor length, this dress is also elegant and can be worn to formal occasions so that your look is vibrant but also proper.

Size and fittings: The dress is available in a number of sizes. For your convenience, you can refer to the size chart so that you can be sure that the size you order will fit you perfectly. The material clings on to your figure so you do not need to worry about the dress being loose in certain areas or being too tight in others.

Pricing: The price of this dress is around thirty dollars depending on the size you order.

Final Thoughts About LOSRLY Glitter High Split Maxi Party Dress

If you are in search of a dress that is bright but formal enough to be worn to prom or a wedding party, then this is for you. It is affordable and stands out so that you will be making a statement in a vibrant way. This dress looks great on you regardless of your height or your dress size. You will not regret buying this dress as it is sure to look perfect.

Final Thoughts

You just went through some of the best prom dresses available online and elsewhere. These prom dresses were specifically selected keeping all our important features in mind as to how great a prom dress you should buy. With you cannot go wrong. Keep shopping and if you have selected your prom dress then congrats for making a wise shopping decision.

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