Best Dog Crates under $100 – 2020 Reviews & Guide

Dog crates are basically cages made out of strong materials such as metals, plastics and fibers and usually are a wire sort of enclosures. The purposes of dog crates are for either security or transportation and the main reasons being potty training, taking it around with you on short visits or simply containing them. It technically acts as a personal room of the dog where it can find refuge. Dog crates are usually manufactured as to provide them a natural sort of setting of a kennel so a dog can get accustomed to new settings. There are different types of dog crates when you will set out to buy them such as plastic crates, steel crates, and aluminum and wire dog crates.

All of the above mentioned crates have different uses and conveniences however practically when buying dog crates people are generally looking for the following things:

Primary Features:

  • Durability & Quality
  • Spacious
  • Installation and Assembly
  • Mobility

Secondary Features:

  • Material
  • Price
  • Weight
  • Design

1. MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate

This dog crate is a product of MidWest Homes that is a company that is trusted by anyone who has tried out a product of theirs. Their products are all tried and tested so you will be ensured of their quality. They make sure that all their products are able to cater to the user in the best way and that the safety and security of the user is made sure of.

Dog Crate Features:

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Options for Single & Double door
  • Sturdy metal crate
  • Foldable for convenient storage & mobility

What We Like

Durability & Quality: The dog rate has been made of sturdy metal that is unparalleled in terms of durability. The structure is designed to be strong so that the safety of your pet is ensured even when you are not there with it.

Spacious: The Double Door iCrate comes with a special dividing panel that can be adjusted to the size of the dog as it grows, so you do not need to worry about the size. It is spacious enough but not too large as to overwhelm your pet.

Installation ease: The crate has been configured in such a way that it can be placed anywhere as there are doors on both the front and the side which can be easily accessed by your dog.

Mobility: You can easily place the dog crate anywhere in your house as it comes with a sturdy plastic handle with which you can carry it and the rolling feet on the underside are made of rubber so that your floors will not be damaged. The crate can be folded as well which increases its portability.

Price: The price of the dog crate is around fifty dollars.

Final Thoughts About MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate

This dog crate has been designed in such a way that your pet will have the best of safety and will be incredibly comfortable as well. The edges have been rounded and the latches are safe to use as well. There is a plastic pan that can be easily cleaned if an accident occurs. This product comes with a yearlong warranty too. It gives your pet a personal space where it can feel safe and is designated for it personally. A dog crate helps you avoid problems such as barking incessantly or chewing your furniture. If you truly wish to care for your pet in the best and easiest way possible then you must not hesitate to buy this dog crate as it your ideal solution to giving your pet a safe and enjoyable space.

2. OxGord 42 XXL Dog Crate, Double-Doors Folding Metal with Divider & Tray

OxGord has come up with the best way to give your pet a safe space where they can feel comfortable. Made with excellent products and being impeccable in terms of quality, this dog crate is your best solution to any issues you may be having in adequately housing your pet. With many appealing features, this crate is one of the most sought-after products in the market.

Dog Crate Features:

  • Foldable & Simple to Install
  • Built with heavy duty steel
  • 100% Washable
  • Removable Divider & Tray
  • Double doors
  • Easy to clean and travel friendly


What We Like

Durability & Quality: This dog crate has been made with extremely solid material. Crafted with heavy duty steel metal, this crate is strong and sturdy which ensures its durability. The quality is incomparable and you will not find this dog crate to be easily damaged.

Spacious: This crate comes with sufficient space for almost all grown breeds of dogs. If your pet is still growing, you will be pleased to know that this dog crate comes with a divider panel so that you can adjust the crates size according to your dog and change it as it grows.

Installation ease: Installing this product is incredibly easy. It has been designed in a versatile manner so that you can set it up without any hassles and if you wish to relocate it then you can simply fold it or keep it away if you want. It becomes compact enough so you will not need much space for its storage. For your convenience, you will not need any tools to do this.

Mobility: When it comes to portability, this dog crate presents no issues. You can easily fold it away and it has a space-saving design that makes it easy to carry around and take it with you if you have to go somewhere. It also comes with a great plastic handle which you can use to handle it easily.

Price: The price of this dog crate is around forty dollars.

Final Thoughts About OxGord Double-Doors Metal Dog Crate with Divider & Tray

This crate is one of the best ones you can find. It is highly practical but also comes with an array of features that make it even more appealing for you and your pet. The bottom of the crate is removable so that you can clean it easily. It is portable and made of hardy material. You will not regret buying this product as it benefits both you and your pet and you will be giving your pet a safe and comfortable space to stay in.

3. Casual Home 600-44 Pet Crate And Table, 24-Inch

Casual Home has been the forerunner in quality furniture for more than forty years. Their products are known to be easy to assemble and utterly stylish. Casual Home prides itself on making furniture out of solid and quality wood and being able to please and satisfy every customer. Their dog crate is another one of their products that is able to complement your décor while also being useful.

Dog Crate Features:

  • Elegant Design
  • Built with hevea wood
  • Can be used as side table or furniture
  • Removable Divider & Tray
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Easy to clean and travel friendly

What We Like

Durability & Quality: This dog crate has been built with hevea wood. This is more commonly known as rubberwood which is a sustainable and sturdy replacement for forest wood. This way you will be able to get a stylish and durable dog crate in the most ecological way possible.

Spacious: This dog crate has sufficient space for dogs that are up to twenty inches in length and fourteen inches in height. They will find this dog crate to be roomy enough for them to be comfortable and secure in. However its not suitable for large dogs.

Installation ease: This set can be easily assembled and you can keep it anywhere as it is not too big but just enough for your pet. It is ready-to-assemble when you will receive it so you do not need to go through any sort of additional hassles when you set it up.

Mobility: The design of this dog crate allows it to also serve as an attractive piece of furniture so you can keep it wherever you want. It can be taken and kept anywhere as it does not clash with the décor. There are also slats included on the sides so you can place it in any room without being worried about proper ventilation. However its not travel friendly as its quite heavy to carry.

Price: This dog crate costs around eighty dollars.

Final Thoughts About Casual Home 600-44 Pet Crate And Table

With its vast array of useful features and its visually appealing look, this dog crate is a must buy. It fits in no matter what a room’s décor is like so you do not have to worry about marring the look of your house. In fact, this dog crate enhances and improves the look of the room that it is kept in which is why you must not hesitate in buying this dog crate as this is one purchase you are sure not to regret. It gives your pet a safe and comfortable space to stay in which can be customized according to its preferences. This dog crate will be a gorgeous addition to your household.

4. BestPet Pet Wire Cage with Metal Pan, 36-inch

BestPet is one of the best when it comes to taking care of pets in the best and most affordable way possible. Their products are designed to be adaptable no matter where they are used. This dog crate is made of excellent material and incomparable when it comes to quality. You are guaranteed to be satisfied with the product. You will definitely not have any complaints.

Dog Crate Features:

  • Lightwight & Foldable
  • Rounded Corners for better pet safety
  • Double Doors
  • Easy to clean and travel friendly

What We Like

Durability & Quality: This dog crate has been made with steel wire with low carbon content which is stable enough to contain your pet. The edges of the cage have been rounded so your pet will not be able to injure itself. The material is of good-quality but if your pet is big and strong then you should probably look for another option as it is not suited for larger pets that might be able to dismantle the structure.

Spacious: This dog crate is large enough to house any normal-sized dog. It is roomy and large enough for them to be comfortable in it. Your dog will be able to move around comfortably without feeling stifled. However, it is not so big that your pet would feel comfortable by it.

Installation ease: This crate can be folded easily so that you can carry it around with you anywhere. It is light enough to be carried by anyone. It has been assembled so that you just need to open it and fold it. It can be kept anywhere without any issues because there are two doors for both cages one on the front and the other on the side so that you can place it anywhere without worrying about easy-access for your pet.

Mobility: This crate is easy to take around as it is lightweight and can be folded so that its portability is increased. You can move it around anywhere without any extra hassles or issues to face.

Price: The BestPet dog crate costs around forty dollars.

Final Thoughts About BestPet Wire Dog Cage with Metal Pan

When it comes to convenience this dog crate is the best of its kind. It has a simple and practical design and can be taken with you wherever you go so. You dog will enjoy the best of comfort and security and you will be able to give it a personal space. This dog crate has a clean finish and is made so that it cannot hurt the pet in any way. So do not hesitate and get it as soon as possible.

5. Precision Pet Two-Door Great Crate

Precision Pet is the best when it comes to pet accessories. The first choice of household pet professionals, this crate is made of excellent when it comes to quality, security and comfort. It comes with a bunch of useful features and a simple yet practical design, this dog crate is a must-have.

Dog Crate Features:

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Percios Lock System for enhanced security
  • Double Doors
  • Easy to clean and travel friendly
  • Removable Tray & Divider
  • Rust Resistant, Dual Coat finish
  • Built with heavy gauge wire

What We Like

Durability & Quality: This crate has been made with heavy-gauge wire which is sturdy and strong so that your crate is stable and durable enough to contain most pets. The material has been coated with a long-lasting e-coat finish in an attractive black color. This is resistant against rust so that your crate is able to withstand most wear and tear and will be able to hold out against damage.

Spacious: The crate is forty-eight and thirty inches in length and thirty-three inches in width which makes it large and roomy enough for the pet to be comfortable and move around freely in. This product comes with a free dividing panel as well which you can use to adjust the size of the crate according to your pet’s size.

Installation ease: You will not face any unnecessary issues when you are installing this dog crate. Simply place it wherever you find most suitable and you do not need to do anything further than that. No tools are required when installing this crate for your convenience. There are two doors which allow you to place this

Mobility: With its lightweight structure you will find no difficulty in taking this crate along with you if you go somewhere. The metal is sturdy but light so that you can carry it easily.

Price: The price is around ninety dollars.

Final Thoughts About Precision Pet Two-Door Dog Crate

There are many additional features which make this product a profitable purchase. When it comes to security, your pet will be safe because of the lock system which gives the crate secure latches and round corner so that the pet cannot injure itself or leave without notice. The product also includes a propylene tray that is easy to clean and is very useful. This tray is removable. This product is the best way of keeping your pet safe and secure in the most comfortable way possible. Precision Pet offers you a way of helping you keep your pet safe so that you can keep an eye on the pet and make sure that it is comfortable. This is one purchase that you will be sure to be satisfied from.


So there you have it, some of the best handpicked dog crates by our expert shopping analysts. We have found the best pet and dog crates for you and listed them as per requirements. You can now sift through all the details we mentioned and see which one aligns with your specific requirements and we are good to go. Our experts work tirelessly to bring you the best deals from some of the best shopping sites in the world. Now you can choose and purchase any of the best dog crates mentioned and have an ease of mind that it has been heavily researched and it is a genuine product backed by thousands of positive and 5-star reviews.


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