Best Headphones Under $100 – 2020 Reviews & Guide

Headphones are really a necessity these days, since the last 2 decades people have constantly upgraded and improved on what defines a set of headphones but whatever brand they are or whatever type they are one thing is not going to change about headphones is that they are actually there for isolated and single person use audio. It is an individual product not for multiple users.

Now people buy headphones and when they buy they have a train of thoughts going around some very basic things such as first and foremost sound delivery and quality, Its bass and treble, Clarity of the sound and genuineness of the audio, convenience is another key factor in play here, and comfort is one of the most basic things on a person’s mind when looking for headphones. Moreover people want to buy a headphone with all aforementioned qualities in cheapest amount.

At the same time some secondary features which are also very vital in making a purchase decision are its durability, size and design or look. So if we classify them into primary and secondary features which people look for when buying head phones we can classify them as

Primary Features:

  • Sound Delivery
  • Bass
  • Quality of crisp and clear sound
  • Convenience
  • Comfort

Secondary Features:

  • Durability
  • Size
  • Look/Design

Finding good headphones under $100 is tricky as you have to compromise on brand or quality. However BestUnder100 solves this dilemma by bringing you the best headphones that you can buy under $100. These headphones are tested & rated on several factors like audio quality, connectivity etc. Since we will be checking some of the best deals available on the internet for headphones our primary focus will remain on ascertaining the headphones based on above mentioned features. Following is a detailed review of all the best headphones that we can find after testing them on above metrics. So let’s go.

Top Headphones Under $100

Name & BrandFrequency ResponseHeadphone FitConnectivityMicWarrantyMore Details
Panasonic RP-HT21
16Hz - 22kHzOn-EarWiredNoN/ACheck Price
Ailihen I35
20Hz - 20KHzOver-EarWiredNo90 DaysCheck Price
Cowin E-7
20Hz - 20KHzOver-EarWiredYes1 YearCheck Price
Mpow Headphones
20Hz - 20KHzOver-EarWirelessYesN/ACheck Price
Philips SHP9500
12Hz - 35KHzOver-EarWiredNoN/ACheck Price

1. Panasonic On-Ear Stereo Headphones RP-HT21 – Lightweight, Comfortable & Powerful Bass

Product Features:

  • Lightweight, open-air design on-ear headphones weigh just 1.2 oz. (without cable)
  • 30mm large neodymium drivers with XBS deliver rich powerful bass and natural treble. 16Hz – 22kHz frequency response
  • Comfort-fit with a wide headband and foam-cushioned ear cups for added listening comfort
  • Long, 4.5 ft. cable threads comfortably through clothes

What you don’t want in a headphone is that it should not cause pain in your inner ear when I say pain I don’t mean the beautiful pain caused by the loud noise (that is why you bought them in the first place. The pain which this external object causes you physically. Head phones should be designed to make sure that they don’t hurt you in any human position possible, lying, sitting, standing, walking or running for that matter.

These headphones come with a special scientific design which is not at all physically painful for the ear. Even for long durations this Headphones don’t hurt at all. Now let us focus on all the key factors of this products starting with sound delivery:

What We Like

Sound Delivery: Sound delivery for this is awesome, it won’t blow your head off the top but at full volume it can be very damaging for the ears. So if you are looking for such an adrenaline burst you are more than welcome to blow your top (literally!)

Bass: Bass of this is very dominating and transports you in a battlefield (I think I overstated that!)

Quality of sound: The quality of the sound is really awesome, infact it deserves a greater rating then the 5 stars allowed everywhere, this is where this product stands out in terms of its sound quality.

Convenience: They can be used in the gym as well for your workout because they are very light and mobile.
These headphones weigh less than majority headphones and can be used during all leisure activities. like at school and road trips

Comfort: Obviously the kind of attachment we have with the word comfort is that you are in a heavenly place and people doing stuff for you while you just relax and cool, these headphones do not fit this precise definition, but they are good to go in the price that id being offered.

Size: Although not your average size headphones, I mentioned you are buying this headphones for the light size, plus I favor the small size compared to my others. Grade: 10/10

Look: There look is great as far as the headphones go, but the point here is this, there are many headphones with different colors and designs to compliment them, this is just not one of them. This is your serious off the shelf stuff which is designed for the purpose of giving you high quality sound.

What We Don’t Like:

Can’t Fold up: That is the only drawback, but sometimes this what you can live without as fold up can be quite a drawback in its own sense.

Durability: Durability with this can be an issue, although the material used is good, but how far can you get with headphones. So for durability I would rate them a 3 star out of 5.

Final Thoughts About Panasonic On-Ear Stereo Headphones RP-HT21

Finally these are a good to have headphones if you are into the business of listening to music or any other audio materials available with great sound and quality, this can be a great bargain for you.

2. Sony MDRZX110 ZX Series Stereo Headphones – Brand you Can Trust

Product Features:

  • Packaging: Standard Packaging
  • 30mm drivers for rich, full frequency response
  • Lightweight and comfortable on-ear design
  • Swivel-design for portability
  • 47.25-inch (1.2 m) tangle-free, Y-type cord

Here is another one of those great bargains which you can get for around 20 dollars or so. These headphones are a must have for any person who wants quality audio time. These headphones come with a great mix and blend of comfort, sound quality, look, feel and price. The key recommendation for these headphones is that not only for general user, this product is good for those people who use headphones for more than 6 – 8 hours every day.
Now let’s get into the details of things where we will discuss each of these things individually so you can make the best decision.

What We Like

Sound Quality: The sound quality on these headphones is simple fantastic; initially you might think that they might not be a good purchase, but when you will plug it in for the first time you will be simply blown away by the sound quality. The sound quality is very open, detailed and clear. The music just flows in your ears and you get cut off from the audio world with these headphones. It is not wrong to say that in terms of sound quality these headphones give the expensive ones (ranging from 100 to 200 dollars) a run for their money. A great sound quality experience to sum up the sound quality part.

Weight: Although they have a big look but when you handle them they are very light, and once you put them on the head cover gives you such comfort that you don’t even feel them at all. You just melt away in the sound and music from them.

Decently priced at around $20, they are a great buy, and in the amount of a normal McDonald meal, you can get a great bargain. The price on these is really a great deal and won’t hurt your pocket at all.

Feel: The Feel in these headphones is out of this world, the material used on these is of high quality which trained and untrained eyes can catch easily, folding pads are amazing and a thick cable with the right angle connector makes it very convenient.

What We Don’t Like:

Size: The come with large size and heavy padded earpieces, which can be great if you are not mobile, however they would look awkward or strange if you are walking around in public wearing them.

Comfort: In terms of comfort, it depends on really how you use them, if you use them while sitting up and working then they are comfortable, but if you are mobile then its wire and heavy padding can be a difficult thing to manage.

Cord: The cord is one critical factor for those people who like long wires, it has a wire of around 1.2 meters which is not long enough but is good enough if you plug in laptops and stuff. This kind of wire length will not be supportive if you plug it into other mobile gadgets.

Final Thoughts About Sony MDRZX110 ZX Series Stereo Headphones

Apart from the cable length, these headphones get an A grade in every aspect possible. They are very fairly and cheaply priced, material is good, sound quality is technically out of this world. A great deal in such a small amount. Go for it!

3. Ailihen I35 Stereo Headphones with Microphone – Lightweight, Adjustable & Foldable Headset

Product Features:

  • Ergonomic Design Make It Comfortable to Wear, with Excellent Noise-cancelling Function
  • Folding Design Make It Convenient to carry the Folding Part Have Been Tested for over 20000 Times
  • The 360 Degree Pickup Microphone Make It Have High-definition Voice Calls
  • Compatible with All Android Phones, IOS, Winphone and Blackberry System Phones. End/answer Phone Calls, Pause/play Music, Support with Switch of Previous/next Songs
  • The Use of Protein Genuine Leather Earmuff, Make It Comfortable for Long Time Wearing

A very nice and inexpensive gadget to add to your collection of technology, apart from the technical specifications mentioned above they come with some very select and cool features which are listed below:

What We Like

Sound: The sound quality on these is really amazing and of super high quality, the bass and other audio specs are always in a balance and with a 40mm divider they produce really high quality sound which is heavenly for the ears. This is your one product for good sound quality!

Cord Adjustments: It comes with a tangle free cord is one of those features which people literally dream about to have, and it comes with a braided cord so this is a good deal altogether. And at the same time there is an inline mic for calling and speaking, controlling your music and audio files.

Adjustable headband: These headphones come with an adjustable headband which is good when you have people of all ages and sizes at home and who might use them as well. Apart from this the adjustability is good when you are in different positions.

For All Devices: This product is technically for the whole family, you can use it with your phone, laptop or tablets and they are good to go.

Comfortable: These headphones have a really comfortable feel, they come with leatherette cushions and padded headband so comfort is something which comes bundled with these headphones, the manufacturer has apparently put a lot of effort in making sure that the user of these headphones remains in total comfort. Hats off to the product designers for this one!

Foldable: One of the key features of these headphones is that they are foldable which is not a regular part of all headphones being produced; in fact folding head phones are a rarity to say the least. So when you buy these you can be sure that you are getting a very unique set of head phones.

In conclusion these head phones are really not only for general people but also for those people who get a high by getting audio stuff, the price is just right and affordable to say the least, with very bright and illuminating colors matched with equally great sound they are a bargain. Not only are they a really great headphones but at the same time very comfortable with good sound quality. I love the color! I have a small head, so these fit perfectly, especially because they are easily adjustable.

What We Don’t Like:

These headphones come with a very lengthy, although at times it is cumbersome but anyone would prefer a long cord instead of a short cord any day of the week. The sound is great with a great bass as well. They are lightweight, nice but cost effective pair of headphones and come up really nice foldable.

Final Thoughts About Ailihen I35 Stereo Headphones with Microphone

They play music delightfully. Together with blocking exterior sounds. The padding on the headphones is super soft and it doesn’t hurt if you use them for extended periods. Highly recommended for those who want good sound quality, have an interest in design and want to be pleasantly surprised in less money!

4. Mpow Wireless Over Ear Headphones – Bluetooth 4.1, Foldable with Built-in Mic & Wired Mode for PC/Cell Phones/TV

Product Features

  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.1
  • Pefect Fit Your Ear
  • Ultra Long Playing Time
  • Active Noise Reduction Compatible with Wired and Wireless Mode

These are really good headphones if you are looking for something cheap with good quality. One of the key features of these headphones is that they have a really good Bluetooth range, it really pairs faster than many of the other headphones in the market and the signal strength is also very strong, and at the same time because of its chip and 40 mm driver it provides a really good sound quality. They also come with a noise reduction technology which improves their sound quality further and the sound quality has less noise and more stereo.

The package contains one Bluetooth headset and a 3.5 mm audio cable, plus there is also a USB charging cable and a packing bag with a USER manual.

What We Like

Comfort: On a comfort level, these headphones really takes the cake, because most of the time when you buy headphones your main concern is sound but if you keep wearing them for long times you start feeling pain in your ears. These headphones are a good fit and they come with an ear cushion which provides comfort and you technically feel as if you are not wearing them at all. The head band comes padded as well so your hairs don’t get stuck in the works. This thing has a pretty good design on it as far as the ergonomics are concerned.

Playtime: These headphones come with a built in battery which provides up to anywhere between 13 – 15 hours which is pretty good given the price they are at. And not only this they also come with 18 plus hours of talk time while requiring charge for just one time.

Double uses dual mode: Although it is a wireless device but you can also plug it in with a cable into your laptop or pc or any other device but the mic only works with the wireless.

Foldable and Portable Design: The foldable design is really good for carrying it around on picnics and tours, it cups in your hands and you can just hold it without much of a bother. Plus it is looks really cool when u fold it and it is hanging around your neck.

What We Don’t Like:

Charge time: Although it is pretty well but if you want to use it properly you have to fully charge it for around 5 – 6 hours, it comes with an instruction of charging for 4 hours but that just doesn’t cut it, you have to leave it for 6 hours so if you sleep around midnight just make sure that you unplug it in the morning or if you wake up before dawn, that’s the best advice so far.

Final Thoughts About Mpow Wireless Over Ear Headphones

Overall it’s a good set of headphones with Bluetooth with a fair price you won’t be disappointed if you are looking for some really good Bluetooth wireless headphones in a budget.

5. Philips SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-ear Headphones – Perfect Combination of Sound & Comfort

Product Features:

  • 50mm neodymium Drivers Deliver Full Spectrum of Sound
  • 3m cable gives you freedom of movement for indoor use
  • Comfortable double layered headband cushion, Breathable ear cushion for longer wearing comfort
  • Finishing of connector: Gold-plated, Acoustic System: Open, Magnet type: Neodymium
  • Impedance: 32 ohm, Maximum power input: 200mW, Sensitivity: 101 dB, Speaker diameter: 50mm, Frequency response: 12-35 000Hz

The performance on these is simply supersonic; the quality of sound is simply amazing. Priced around 70 $ they are pretty budget friendly. At this price they give a run for the money to all the other high priced competing head phones, but at the end the head phones are manufactured by Philips so we can count on that. Let’s talk about specific areas of these head phones.

What We Like

Material Quality: There is nothing else but to applaud Philips on these … at this price range this is the best money can buy, really good and fine material has been used in the manufacturing of these headphones. The plastic used in these headphones has a very tough feel and at the same time the finishing is a work of art. The headphones have a very nice design and the head support band is made from aluminum and there is a plastic material underneath for better sliding

Comfort: It will not be wrong to send a shout to these headphones that they are the most superbly comfortable headphones you can find in the market! The inner paddings are simply comfortable and they fit your ears in such nicely as knife through a butter, one of the most comfortable comfort designs ever.

Sound Quality & Bass: The bass on these babies is really balanced, not your out of the world type but because of its shape and ergonomics they are well balanced and you can be sure of quality and balanced sound from these headphones.

Cable: The cable is good on these and lengthy around 3m stock cable is what you get with these. The cable is easily replaceable if you don’t prefer the 3m stock cable.

At this price they are a great bargain for you! One of the best budget headphones out there in this price range. Design is awesome and they are well engineered with top of the quality materials. Cable is very good as well and reasonably long. Very comfortable because of paddings and the extra cushion within the paddings for the ears, this is the hall mark of these headphones.

Final Thoughts About Philips SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-ear Headphones

The Philips SHP9500 are a great pair of headphones for under $100. They cost 70 $ so they are a worthwhile bargain. Highly comfortable and will fit any ears except an elephants or perhaps even theirs with a bit of tweaking’s (joke there). They have a quality heavy-duty plastic and metal construction. Overall an awesome deal for under $100.

6. Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones – Advanced Build Quality & Sound Engineering

Product Features:

  • Advanced build quality & engineering
  • 40 mm drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils
  • Tuned for enhanced detail, with excellent mid-range definition
  • Collapsible for space-saving portability
  • Designed to excel for studio tracking, mixing, and field recording

The Audio Technica ATH-M30x are great sounding headphones in the under a $100 range. These headphones are great for music, movies or TV shows. If you want headphones that sound great, are built well, portable, and within your budget then this is your ultimate choice.
The design and feel of these headphones is much improved and have a very techy sort of look about them.

What We Like

Sound Quality: The M30x has a great and out of the world (or should I say out of the ear) sound quality for its price. The headphones yield a very balanced, ear melting and a well-balanced bass sound. The sound producing capability of these beauties is really commendable. All the aspects are very well manufactured and produce a very deliberate and soothing balance of bass, treble and other mixes. The best of the best sound is produced by these headphones, you can simply get in touch with the audio world with these beauties.

Pricing: At a price range of under $70, they are a steal, you can get them without murdering your finances.

Comfortable to Wear: A delight to wear and they treat your ears as if they are there to take care or cushion your ears from harm. For above average size person and even tall and well-built people, with a head to match such body. Overall the comfort level on these headphones is pretty decent for people of all sizes and statures.

The ear cups are big and shaped as such that any set of ears can fit into them. The padding on the top is also subtle and nice such that it does not bother while you have them on and the clamping force is comfy and will get healthier as you keep wearing them.

Attractive design and lightweight: Not only are they comfortable to wear they have a very sleek and techy look about them, they look really cool on a person’s head, so if you are into such fashion statements then you better get these. And yeah one of the key features is this that they are really lightweight. You can wear them for hours without burdening your head.

Collapsible: When collapsed they really look small so you have an advantage of moving them around or carrying them.

The ATH-M30x headphones are just another indicator of how Audio Technica’s keeps producing wonderful headphones. They are incomparable with any other headphones in the same price range of under $70. If you are looking for headphones that sound great and is an absolute bargain in all terms then this is what you should get.

Final Thoughts About Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Overall it is a very nice set of audio equipment. In short headband is very flexible and resilient, leather padding; flat adjustment bars and the cable are a nice mix of a gem of a product. Plus the biggest factor in is the pricing. An ultimate purchase of headphones under $100.

7. Skullcandy Crusher Headphones – Built-in Amplifier & Mic

Product Features:

  • Sensation55 Driver
  • REX40 Driver
  • Acoustical Porting.
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Adjustable Bass Control

If you are looking for headphones with a great bass then this is the one for you, they will literally as the name implies crush your skull 
The bass is huge and loud, it can cover a stadium if it was not on a headphone. The bass on these babies will leave your pain in ears if you turn it way all up. 10/10 to the manufacturer for making headphones that let you decide how loud you want the bass and sound to be.

The mids and highs can keep up with the bass. Again a 11/10 for Skullcandy for making a high quality and genuinely delightful set of headphones – not just headphones with a lot of bass but pleasing to the ears as well.

Even if the bass is not at all included or is turned down, they are still a good buy in the price range on offer. Another delectable product under 100 dollars.

These headphones are those about which the entire internet is filled with such reviews as “Best Headphones I have ever owned”. “This is my second pair and the last one looks like voldemort in front of these”. “Many retail stores have them available to Demo, I recommend it.” And such as these
“I doubt you will buy any other headphones; unless you Need wireless or active noise cancelling.”

So what is it about these headphones which actually makes peoples pleasure nerve tingle. Lets find out with some of our analysis

What We Like

Detachable and replaceable Cord: A person had given a review that his cord still works fine after 3+ years, and from above we can see that not only is it detachable but at the same time replaceable. So good work Skullcandy thank you for thinking about the end user.

Replaceable single AA battery: Ok there is another thing about this your battery is separate and it is obviously replaceable, this is a pro of this product.

Durable Earpieces: When we went through the reviews about these headphones we saw a lot of comments like “I have dropped from 2-3 feet many times, with no ill effects at all.” Ok so this is a good thing and we can live with that happily. Durability can really be a factor in choosing headphones.

Sound quality: Sound quality takes the cake and has been defined by some for these headphones as a treat for the ears. A well balanced sound with out of the world bass effects, what more could a person ask for in this price range?

What We Don’t Like:

Cord: There are some people who think that the cord would have been better off with an extra meter, but with all the joys attached in this single combination of a headphone, I think we can see past that.

We cannot find a single headphone comparable with these ones

Final Verdict About Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

This baby takes a 10/10 from us because of its raving reviews of bass and quality sound plus people love its material, design, and look and feel. It’s worth a shot under 60$. Try it, and you will not be disappointed.

8. Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones – Where Sounds Matter

Product Features:

  • Over-ear, Noise-isolating Headphones
  • 30mm Neodymium Driver
  • Up To 80 Hours Of Battery Life

These collectibles, yes we mean collectibles that is the kind of headphones these Sony ones are. However after a fair judgment and many arguments later we have decided to put this in a pros and cons fashion.

What We Like

Sound: Sound on these headphones is reasonable; here a definition of reasonable is needed. In such price the sound is great and awesome, the bass and treble are just in tune with the budget.

Isolation: They reduced the bathroom fan and the bus ramble very noticeably. They reduce the sounds around them very nicely and I think that’s one of the key factor which people are going to buy because it comes with a tag of noise cancelling. Sound is soft and you can hear everything quite distinctly. Having said this they don’t compete with the big names as such but keep in mind you are getting this 1/10th of a price of those so it’s worth buying!

Portability: These headphones are super compact and they fold quite flatly and become very small. There is no bag in the package and it uses an AAA battery.

Comfort: On a comfort scale this baby takes the cake, it is even good for people who wear glasses, big or small heads all are compatible with them. You can get this on 30 – 35 $ depending on your luck if there is a special deal available on them
Sony MDRX110NC is an inexpensive noise reducing/cancelling headset for use on places where you need all such things. In terms of noise cancelling there are a few who debate that it reduces the noise not 100 % but up around 90 % so that’s good enough given the price tag.

What We Don’t Like:

Cord: Cord is not very lengthy (some of us argued that it was just ok)

Final Thoughts About Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones

The key factor in getting these headphones is the brand name attached with it and the price tag, it won’t make you less richer, around 30 dollars is a good enough price for them, so if anything even happens to them (which is quite a rarity given it’s a Sony product) you won’t lose your sleep over these. This is a very good option for portable music and audio stuff with isolation. This is a must have if you are into cheap stuff but good deals!

9. Avantree Dual Mode Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones with Mic – Super Comfortable, Wireless &Wired, NFC Headset

Product Features

  • Bluetooth 4.0 stereo headphones for wireless music steaming.
  • High-fidelity stereo sound quality with aptX codec.
  • Long music time-up to 40hrs.
  • Easy one touch pairing with NFC technology.
  • Additional audio line input, for use when battery is low.

Ok so these headphone are those people who just love listening to music and like them to be Bluetooth enabled and don’t like a messy tangle of wires between their arms or legs or wherever. We found that these wireless Bluetooth enabled headphones had a lot of positive reviews probably in thousands on the purchase sites. Let’s go into the details of this beautiful product, we will discuss all of important points such as comfort, audio and sound quality, Bluetooth sync, battery and connectivity among others. Here we go

What We Like

Comfort: There were many reviews on sites that users had tried many headphones before this including some by Bose, Sony and many more, but the final verdict is that they are highly comfortable and incredibly cozy to have, some even said as comfy as Bose, which is sort of unbelievable because comparing these with such high priced products can be really hard to believe at times. They hold perfectly to your skull and are not very tight, it comes with such ear pads which are really really soft and provide a very nice cushion. The headband is really good with sufficient pads to prevent any sort of pain. And at the same time they are really very light. So they get a 10/10 on the scale for comfort. One key aspect is the duration which you wear for, many times apparently comfortable headphones are not comfortable on the long run but these headphones have been tried by many uses and people have reported wearing them for more than 7 – 8 hours at a go and they never got uncomfortable. These headphones are easy to adjust and the headband also compliments the same comfort.

Sound Quality: The sound quality reported by these headphones is really sufficient for any type of audio file. People can listen to all types of music, watch movies and do other stuff with them limiting to the world to music that is. The bass is perfect and other audio components are well balanced. It gets a 9/10 for audio and sound quality.

Bluetooth/Sync: The Bluetooth is really nice on these, if you are also tired of all those wires hanging from you which make you look like Frankenstein, then go for it, it gives really good coverage area and you can listen to audio while you are even in the next room but don’t walk too far away. And because this is Bluetooth technology we are talking about there is a fair possibility that you might feel some audio cuts if you are too far away from the host device. But that is just natural when you are working with a Bluetooth device.
The sync feature is really applaud able because it never gets out of sync and that’s a major plus point.

Battery: These headphones come with a 40 hour claim of battery and power life. This is another thing which you can chalk up for these headphones. Really long battery time and power. If you charge it once then you can go days without needing to charge them. Factually it would mean around a week or maybe 5 days but that’s good enough given the bargain you are getting.

Connectivity: Yes, they connect with all devices and so far no issues such as connectivity have been reported so they pass this test as well. A 10/10 in these.

Accessories: The box contains a hard travel case, a micro USB charging cable (wall adapter not included), and a 3.5 mm audio cable which is optional.

Final Thoughts About Avantree Dual Mode Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

A great bargain given the comfort of these headphones. Overall a 9/10 would be justifiable. The price tag is simply terrific and they are really reliable headphones for fewer than 100 dollars.


We saw what kind of headphones are available on the internet with all the mix of sound quality durability, and it was technically a journey of words, but these are some of the best deals which you can find under a 100 dollar and you can be happy with the result. You can always thank us later for saving you all the trouble of going through thousands of headphones on offer and bringing to you the best reviewed and well liked headphones money can buy!


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