Toddler Air Mattresses Under $100 – 2024 Best Toddler Air Mattresses Reviews & Guide

If we look back a few centuries ago when the first mattress developed the sole purpose was to introduce new options for a comfortable sleep. Now we can clearly see that since the invention of the mattress few things remain same until today, like the sole purpose of providing comfort to the user.

In the modern era, people prefer to have mattresses with new features and with an increased level of comfort. Companies have introduced many different types of products in the market and each product possesses unique features. Air mattresses are of that type and it is one of the most popular among parents.

People used to believe that air mattresses are only made for travel purpose, but things are different nowadays. Companies have introduced several types of air mattresses and each of the types is slightly different in features such as size and comfort level.

Parents are usually protective towards their toddlers when it comes to choosing their sleeping area and most of them are often hesitant to select bed which is higher from the ground and because usually toddlers change sides and roll around the bed during sleep and the change of position might be dangerous as there is a chance that they might fall from the bed and hurt themselves during sleep. Air mattress is the perfect way to go as they are not high from the ground and they are as good as a bed in providing comfort.

When choosing the air mattress there are certainly few things to consider such as the level of comfort it has and the features it possesses, it is often confusing for parents to decide which product is a perfect fit for their toddler and is within the affordable price range. We analyze the need of parents and decided to search the market and find best available air mattresses under 100 dollars.

Primary Features:

  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Design
  • Comnfort

Secondary Features:

  • COlor
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Weight

1. The Shrunks Portable Toddler Travel Bed

The Shrunks is a well-renowned company and has a history of many successful products, their products are usually high in quality, their toddler air mattresses come in different variants and each of them is different in features.


  • Airtight lifetime warranty
  • Guard Rails & Tuck
  • Squeaky Noises Free

What We Like

Design & Comfort:
This mattress has a soft flocking high quality quiet, squeak-free material used on top which provides extra comfort, the sheet placed on the top has a unique design which holds the sheet in position and stops it from sliding towards the edges. The design quality is quite impressive as each aspect of the design is up to the mark.

Ease of use:
This air mattress comes with a very fast inflation pump as it inflates the whole mattress in just 30 seconds. The small and compact design of the pump is very practical and makes this air mattress a good option to go for.

Size & Capacity:
The inflated size of this toddler air mattress is 60 x 37 x 9 (inches), 152 x 94 x 23 (cm) and deflated size is approximately 16 x 7 x 7 (inches), 40 x 18 x 18 (cm). It weighs 6.6 lbs or 3 kg and its maximum weight holding capacity is 150 lbs or 68 kg.

What’s in the box?
This baby toddler air mattress package includes convenient carrying bag, repair kit,and the compact, yet powerful Jetaire electric pump constructed with the safest materials.

Final Thoughts About The Shrunks Portable Toddler Travel Bed

The price for this toddler air mattress is around sixty-nine dollars and ninety-six cents which is decent as it comes with hassle-free full 2 years warranty and it has a nice design and good quality material used in the whole product. With the rapid inflation pump and a repair kit, this air mattress is a perfect deal. So, what are you waiting for?

2. hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers

hiccapop has introduced several products since its inception into the industry and consumers speaks highly of their products such as their air mattresses, which are high in durability and quality.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Removable mattress
  • Extra-long bed rail bumpers for added safety

What We Like

Design & Comfort:
This product is very different from any conventional air mattress as it has a design that enables the mattress removal from the bed, the vinyl material used in this bed is almost two times thicker than the normally used material which gives it an extra protection from deflation and puncture. The extra-long side rail bumpers increase the safety and provide more protection to the toddler and decrease the chances of rolling over to the ground. Each and every aspect of this bed quality is amazing and you can feel the level of quality just by looking at it.

Ease of use:
This hiccapop inflatable toddler travel bed with safety bumpers is very convenient for daily use as it has the nice and heavy-duty grab handle placed which enables the user to conveniently carry and pull the entire bed easily. It also has a leak-proof value which eliminates the chance of overnight deflation due to weight.

Size & Capacity:
The inflated size of this travel bed is 62 x 38 x 12 (inches) which is higher than the average inflatable bed. It also has a maximum weighing capacity of 310 Ibs, which is great and much higher than a normal inflatable bed.

What’s in the box?
This hiccapop inflatable toddler travel bed package includes an XL travel bag, the all-important electric turbo pump, and the unique giftable retail box.

Final Thoughts About hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

This hiccapop inflatable toddler travel bed with safety bumpers cost sixty-four dollars and ninety-two cents. Can you believe it? With extra-long safety bumpers and double weighing capacity, it is seriously mind-blowing value so don`t waste time and go check out the product before it sold out and comes with the higher price tag.

3. AeroBed Kids Air Mattress With Sides

AeroBed is a well-known Coleman`s brand, their products are stylish and technologically-advanced. They have maintained their superior quality and holds a reputable position in the market, consumers prefer to opt for their products as they are distinctive in design and quality.


  • 4-inch-high surround safety cushion
  • Washable fitted mattress pad
  • AC pump

What We Like

Design & Comfort:
When choosing air mattresses, the first question arises in parents mind is “Is the mattress leak proof?” well, of course this is a relevant question and yeah most of the air mattresses claim to be leak proof but they failed to perform. This air mattress has the high-quality air value which effectively protects the air from leaking. It also has an added comfort thanks to the thick and gorgeous star and moon design mattress pad,the neat and sleek design of the whole product makes it a first choice to go for.

Ease of use:
Do you feel annoyed when your toddler messed up the mattress and find it hard to clean it? Well, here is a solution for you. This AeroBed air mattress has a washable mattress pad which you can easily remove and wash again and again. Isn`t it a cool option?

Size & Capacity:
The inflated size of this AeroBed air mattress is 50 x 25 x 10 (inches) which is pretty decent for a toddler and it has a maximum weighing capacity of 300 lbs which is good enough.

What’s in the box?
This AeroBed air mattress comes with a star and moon design mattress pad, a powerful AC pump and the large size travel bag.

Final Thoughts About AeroBed Kids Air Mattress

This AeroBed air mattress costs sixty-three dollars only. This is the pretty reasonable price as the product has an electronically welded seams on the sides, the 4-inch high surround safety cushion that helps protect the toddler from rolling over to the ground, and the coolest of all washable mattress pad feature. You get all of this feature in under seventy bucks, WOW!

4. Intex Kids Travel Bed Sets

This Intex travel bed has a very simple and sleek design which is a good thing as most people prefer to opt for only the key functions offering products within a reasonable price range.


  • 2-piece inflatable bed
  • Extra-long bed rails
  • Sheet tuck feature

What We Like

Design & Comfort:
If you are a minimalistic person than this is the product you should look at, this Intex travel bed has a simple design and built using the good quality material. It has a comfy removable mattress which you can easily remove and use for other purposes as well. For added safety, it has an extra-long bed rail to protect your toddler from rolling over from the bed.

Ease of use:
During a trip, it often annoys when you have to inflate the air mattress but you can`t find the electric connection to operate the inflation pump and end up putting your toddler to sleep without the inflated bed. Well, don`t worry as we said this product is a perfect example of simplicity as it comes with a hand pump which inflates the whole bed without the need for electricity.

Size & Capacity:
The inflated size of this Intex air mattress is 66 x 42 x 10 (inches) which is a good size and it also weighs 9.16 Ibs only.

What’s in the box?
This Intex kids travel bed air mattress comes with a 2-piece inflatable bed, a hand pump and a storage bag.

Final Thoughts About Intex Kids Travel Bed

This Intex air mattress costs fifty-one dollars and ninety-five cents only. It is the cheapest air mattress on this list and its quality is no less than other mattresses. So, check out this Intex travel bed and enjoy your trip without worrying about electricity connection.!

5. LazyNap LZ-01K Kids Air Bed with Flock Top for CampingNap Time or Sleepovers

LazyNap is not the popular brand as it has a limited line of products to offer but this product is worth mentioning in this list as it has a cool design and made up using a good quality material. If you look at the features it offers you would definitely be going to love this air bed.


  • One-way intake valve
  • Hand-held 2-in-1 pump
  • Nylon Travel Bag

What We Like

Design & Comfort:
LazyNap air bed has very soft material used in the top part of the bed which gives extra comfort. It also has side rails for safety and is perfectly designed as the height is not too large that feels like a box. The material quality is good as the attention to detail is given to every aspect of this air bed.

Ease of use:
Some people prefer to have electronically operated pump and some like handheld pump but what to do when you need both? Well, this product is no ordinary stuff, it comes with both options as it has a 2-in-1 handheld pump. The other cool feature this product has is the one-way intake valve which eliminates the chances of overnight deflation.

Size & Capacity:
The inflated size of this LazyNap air bed is 60 x 37 x 08 (inches) and its maximum weighing capacity is 132 Ibs.

What’s in the box?
This LazyNap LZ-01K Kids Air Bed with Flock Top for Camping comes with a 2-in-1 handheld pump, a repair kit, user manual and the nylon travel bag.

Final Thoughts About LazyNap LZ01K Kids Air Bed

LazyNap LZ-01K Kids Air Bed has a price tag of fifty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents only. You are getting the 2-in-1 hand help pump plus the cool one-way intake valve option in this product in this price. It`s a fair deal so don`t miss the chance and go check out this cool product.

6. Shrunks Tuckaire Inflatable Air Mattress For Kids

When we read the word Shrunks, we know we are looking at the quality. The history of successful brands that comes within the Shrunks name has proved time and time again that when it comes to quality and innovativeness, there is no match of Shrunks at what it offers within an affordable price range.


  • Security rails
  • Fits all standard single-size sheets (EU) and twin-size sheets (US)
  • Powerful jetaire electric pump

What We Like

Design & Comfort:
This air mattress comes with a squeak-free material used on top which eliminates the annoyance of squeaky noises during sleep. It also has a security rail to guard toddler against rolling over from the bed to the ground.

Ease of use:
Fast inflation electric pump is so efficient that it inflates the bed in 30 seconds. The leak-proof valve also helps in maintaining the air pressure of the bed throughout the night.

Size & Capacity:
The inflated size of this toddler air mattress is60 x 37 x 4.5 (inches) and deflated size is approximately 16 x 7 x 7 (inches).

What’s in the box?
The Shrunks tuckaire inflatable air mattress airbed with security rails & pump, twin comes with a convenient carrying bag, repair kit and the compact electric pump.

Final Thoughts About Shrunks Tuckaire Inflatable Air Mattress

This Shrunks air mattress costs sixty-eight dollars and ninety-nine cents only. This is a good deal and if you look at what you are getting with the product you can easily notice the features and options it offers. Don`t miss the opportunity and check out this air mattress.

Final Thoughts about Toddler Air Mattresses

We are able to highlight five best toddler air mattresses under $100, there must be few questions arising in your mind that how can they only find these 05 products as there are many others? Well, it`s true that there are several products which are very similar in design, features and other aspects but the reason of selecting these mattresses is that they are really popular among consumers who have used it and reviewed it so that gives these products an upper hand and majority of the users loved it and shared their positive feedback and when majority speaks highly of something than it definitely worth mentioning.

It is obvious that within $100, nobody can offer everything and yes there are some features that are not part of these products but in order to get those features you have to exceed the range of $100. Each of these products is indeed good quality and durable but that doesn`t mean that they cannot be damaged or punctured. You have to use it properly and follow the guidelines in order to effectively take advantage of the product features and comfort your toddler at the same time.

So, If you are planning a trip with your family in the near future then you should go through these products as many travelers also reviewed on various platforms and are satisfied with the product`s high reliability and durability as they have used these products in various conditions. Prices usually fluctuate according to the demand so don`t delay your plans and check out these products and see for yourselves.


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