Best Water Play Table For Kids Under $100 – 2020 Water Table For Toddler Reviews & Guide

If you put two things at a place such as a water tub and any other random toy and let your baby choose whichever he/she wants, it is obvious that a baby would choose water item as babies love to play with water. Playing with water can be dangerous and need proper watch by an adult but there are multiple toys available now which are specially designed keeping in mind all the safety precautions to ensure baby gets no harm playing with the water.

Splashing water and playing with the floating toys keep the baby busy for hours and is a healthy activity. Also, water tables do not require any sort of electrical connection meaning you do not have to worry about the safety related to the wires or electric current. It is also important to notice the grip, weight and these related things as plastic made tables are perfect as they are lightweight and without any sharp edges unlike the glass or ceramic ones. Ceramic play tables indeed look fabulous but their weight can harm the baby if the balance of the whole table somehow moved.

Choosing a right product for your baby is important and it also matters that each and every area of the product is safe and not harmful in any way. There are hundreds of water play table making brands currently offering products in the market and to identify the right one is indeed a complex process as many similar products are also available with few differences that matter, so in order to give you a general idea about what are some of the best water table for toddlers
& kids currently available in the market, here we have some of the famous and high-quality water table and we are presenting each of the product on the basis of detailed research with the relevant data to back up the claim. So, keep reading and see what unique features these cool water play table possess;

Primary Features:

  • Design & Quality
  • Durability
  • Toys
  • Size

Secondary Features:

  • Capacity
  • Price
  • Weight
  • Color

1. Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table

Step2 has always maintained high quality in their products, the market acceptance level of Step2 products are also quite impressive. This water play table has a cool design and comes with a variety of toys. The design of the product is shaped perfectly round in order to avoid any sharp points or edges.

What We Like

Design & Quality:
The elevated design of this play table makes play accessible for the children. The design of the whole table is quite impressive as it has the wide receptacle funnels water which flows through over spinning wheel. The molded-in sections have moats, canals, lakes, and harbors which gives an outstanding look at the whole table. This water play table also has an elevated design which makes play accessible for the children and keeps them play with it without any difficulty.

This is one of highly durable water play table as you can be at ease knowing that this product is made using high-quality materials to provide the best level of durability. The foundations of this water play table are strong enough to easily sustain the water weight and the design also helps in avoiding the sliding of the table.

There are several toys that come along with this product such as boats, cup and water wheel tower. The boats are specially included to entertain kids as floating boats are made using the lightweight material to easily travel around on the water. It is also important to notice that the water wheel tower is designed in a way that it would not break or damaged easily and can easily sustain child force.

Final Thoughts about Step2 Water Play Table

The price of Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table on Amazon is thirty-four dollars and forty-nine cents only which makes it a fair deal as it comes with a bunch of cool toys and all of the package items are high in quality. It is no doubt one of the best toddler water table available in the market.

2. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

This Little Tikes water play table is one of its kind as it has several cool features such as the “put – and – take” feature which helps in developing the early motor skills in a child with fun characters. The perfect height of this water table is ideal for the babies to enjoy splashing.

What We Like

Design & Quality:
The whole table is designed in a way that multiple cool playing toys are placed in a table such as the Ferris wheel and spiral which a child can easily play with. There are also cups present to fill and pour water into the funnel in order to power the twin tower wheel.

This water play table is highly durable as it can hold up to 7 gallons of water easily. All of the components of the water play table are high quality and can easily sustain baby`s push and pull or splashing force of the water. Due to special material, the water play table color and body would not damage due to sunlight so you can be at ease knowing that this product will last for a longer period.

There are 6 toys that come along with the product which includes the water cup and 05 round characters that spray waters. The characters have bright colors and each component are made with high attention to detail.

Final Thoughts about Little Tikes Play Table

The price of Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table on Amazon is forty-one dollars and forty-nine cents only. It is one of the best water play tables in this list of the best water play table under $100 as it comes with 06 different cool toys and has a reasonable price tag.

3. Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table

If you are looking for water play table for kids with perfect size and shape then this is the product you are going to love as its design is unique and made specially to fit even in the compact spaces. The ton of toys that come along have squirting feature to provide extra joy to your children.

What We Like

Design & Quality:
Are you worried that your children might get sunburned if you let them play outside with the water play table? Well, here is the solution as this awesome product of step2 comes with an umbrella for shade which protects your children from the hot sun. The high-quality unique design of this water play table has two separate table attached to provide more fun.

The water holding capacity of this water play table is 2.22 gallons (8.40 L) in the upper pool and 3.24 gallons (12.26 L) of water in the lower pool. The foundation can easily sustain the water weight as it is made using high-quality durable materials.

There are nine toys that come along with this water play table. The swimmer toys can be a push from the slide and there is also cups present which can also be used to scoop water from the table and pour it down on the toys.

Final Thoughts about Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table

The price of Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table on Amazon is sixty-nine dollars ninety-nine cents only. The gorgeous table design speaks for itself and with 09 toys that come along add value, within this price range this is a kind of deal you must have. A good bargain and a top choice for water table for kids.

4. Splish Splash Seas Water Table

Are you one of that parent who finds it difficult to drain the water after your child finishes playing with water play table? Well, this is a product you are going to love as it comes with a drain plug that enables you to drain all of the water easily without having to lift the whole table.

What We Like

Design & Quality:
The boat-shaped design of the water table is made giving high attention to detail. There are multiple toys that come along with this product and each of them is made using the squishy material so that your children can enjoy splashing water and play with the toys.

The overall durability of this product is quite good as the water play table can easily hold the water weight of several liters and would not bend at any point. The palm tree is perfectly placed in the middle side to provide the child with additional playing option.

There are several toys that come along with this product, there is slide present from which baby can easily push toys. There is a Water Bucket, Whirlpool Spinner, Springboard, and characters present with the water play table which your child can enjoy playing with.

Final Thoughts about Splish Splash Seas Water Table

The price of Splish Splash Seas Water Table on Amazon is sixty-nine dollars and twenty cents only. Hurry up and check out his cool product before the prices of this product go high.

5. Step2 Duck Pond Water Table

You have probably noticed that in this list there are the majority of products present belongs to the Step2 Company and one of the major reason is the company`s high market reputation and the quality maintenance in their majority products. This pond shaped water play table is perfect for kids who loves splashing water and sea creatures. It comes with ducks and water swirling center wheel which can easily be turn around to move the water.

What We Like

Design & Quality:
The design of this water play table is oval shaped as it also comes with multiple toys and tools, the build quality of this product is great. The slide tower can be used to push frog or ducks from above, the center wheel has a lever which can be spin to swirl water.

The best way to check the durability of the product is to check whether the shape of the water play table changes when it is filled with water as sometimes cheap products shape changes due to the water weight. The foundation of this water play table has perfect shape which also protect the whole table from sliding due to weight or by the push from the child.

There are six different toys that come along with the water play table. The pond-themed table has 02 ducks and a frog. The frog can be launched from the side flipper into the water, wow sounds cool. The slide tower also has lines so that a child can easily push the duck from it into the pond.

Final Thoughts about Step2 Duck Pond Water Table

The price of Step2 Duck Pond Water Table on Amazon is fifty-one dollars and thirty-nine cents only. Within this price tag, you are getting high-end pond shaped product with cute ducks and frog. You need to check out more details about this product so click on the link and learn more about what this cool water play table has to offer.

Final Thoughts About Water Play Table For Kids

Obviously, not everyone can afford to take their children to Disney land or even those who can even then it is not possible to go there regularly. Providing children with the best possible care is every parent priority and what better way to bring a smile to their faces other than by bringing in a toy. Within few bucks, you can easily purchase these water play tables and give your child a fun thing to play with as these sort of tables need water to function as splashing water and playing with the water toys bring so much joy to child faces and indeed also a healthy activity. Nowadays, children are only addicted to gadgets and smart devices for play and fun purposes and spending too much time with these devices can be harmful. These sort toys like water play tables helps in developing multiple abilities in a child which is essential for the development. There are several different kinds of product currently available in the market and we have only chose these five products based on their high quality, durability and the affordable price range.


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