Best Long Range TV Antennas Under $100 – 2024 Long Range TV Antennas Reviews and Guide

You must have seen those days when people used to watch TV with oddly shaped antennas and even those antennas could not help much in converging signals and presenting a clear image on TV. The low power antenna had the very limited capability and setting them up in the right position was quite difficult. It was also annoying to install and operate TV antennas back then and was indeed a headache.

The current market monopoly of cable and satellite TV services is very disturbing as people have to pay several hundred dollars for the purchase and monthly subscription and many people do not like the way. Well, for those who do not want to spend their precious money in those stuff on a regular basis there is an option of long-range TV antennas which has the capability to bring key local and national channels on your TV screen even from several miles in high quality. Now, after decades of advancements, we have the options of several high-quality types of equipment that can help in identifying channels and clearing them.

If we look at the current market, we can see that there are different types of long-range TV antennas available with innovative features and cool functions. The difficult part is to identify the right product, there are few technical details that are not easy to understand and when choosing an antenna it is important that the product has the right amount of features. After analyzing the current market trends and the buying behavior of long-range TV antenna consumers, we thought there should be a list of some of the best available long-range TV antennas under 100 dollars.

Making a list requires lots of research and stuff, also it is important to keep in mind that the consumers prefer that product that falls within the reasonable price range. All of the below-listed products are under $100 in price with lots of cool features.

Primary Features:

  • Design & Quality
  • Frequency & Range
  • Material
  • Ease of Use

Secondary Features:

  • Warranty
  • Weight
  • Power Options
  • Color

1. OIRIKY Long Range TV Antenna with Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster

This product is not from some famous company or brand but it is among one of the best long-range TV antenna products currently available in the market. The easy setup option, speakers, and the full-color technology are some of the key features of this product.

Primary Features:

  • 3 steps easy set up
  • Square Pixels
  • Built-in speaker
  • Full-Color technology

What We Like

Design & Quality:
The square-shaped design is perfect for mounting or placing the product in any position, the product`s lightweight makes it perfect to place anywhere in the house. Each component of this long-range TV antenna is made using good quality materials and high attention to details.

Frequency & Range:
This product has several frequencies range such as VHF 47-240 MHz, UHF 470-862 MHz, and receiving range FM, VHF, and UHF. The range of this long-range antenna is more than 80 miles thanks to the high-performance amplifier which helps in better signal reception. So, if you want to live on the outskirts of the city away from all the noises and pollutions then this product is the perfect fit for you.

Ease of Use:
The setup of this product is extremely easy as anyone can set it up in just 03 steps only. The mounting points are perfectly placed at the bottom of the product, it also comes with the essential connectivity cables and the all-important user manual that comes along with the package which contains all the details of how to setup and use the device.

Final Thoughts about OIRIKY Long Range TV Antenna

The price of OIRIKY 80 Miles Long Range TV Antenna is thirteen dollars and fifty-nine cents only. Within this price range, you are getting an 80 miles range antenna along with a 02 months full refund guaranty and 02 years warranty which is a quite fair deal.

2. 1byone Amplified Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna With 150 Miles Range

This long-range TV antenna has 1byone cool antenna which is quite effective in presenting the crystal clear image. One of the most annoying thing that every owner complain about is the weird noise of their antenna amplifier that is indeed so irritating but the good thing is that this problem of several users can be solved using this product. This product has a cool built-in gain and low noise amplifier which is indeed quite effective in reducing the sound.

Primary Features:

  • Mounting Pole
  • Built-in High Gain and Low Noise Amplifier
  • 1byone antenna
  • 12-month warranty

What We Like

Design & Quality:
It is made to mount on top, whether it`s a roof or a balcony. The best thing about this product is that you do not have worry about any problems or issues as it is made using highly durable and quality materials and can easily withstand harsh weather conditions.

Frequency & Range:
This product can support multiple frequencies such as local VHF, UHF, and HDTV. The frequency range of this long-range TV antenna is 150 miles, which quite amazing as even if you are living several miles away from the city, you can enjoy watching your favorite local TV channels in high quality.

Ease of Use:
If you are worried about your electricity bills getting increased due to these sort of product then you should be amazed knowing that this product has the lowest power input rating and can run in both A/C and D/C current. If we talk about the setup of this long-range TV antenna then the process is not difficult as it comes with the user manual with all the instructions about the setup and operations so that you can easily mount and start operating this product.

Final Thoughts about 1byone TV Antenna

The price of 1byone Amplified Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna with 150 Miles Range is thirty-nine dollars and eighty-nine cents only. Also, this product comes with the 12 months full warranty so that if there is any problem you can easily claim the warranty without any issues.

3. ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna With Wireless Remote Control

This product is the best among all of the listed products on this list as it has multiple features and options and you are getting all of the stuff at a very reasonable price. It has the dual TV options along with the weather resistant coating and material used in the antenna so that it can withstand tough weather conditions.

Primary Features:

  • 150 Miles Range
  • 40-foot coaxial cable
  • Dual TV outputs
  • Weather Resistant

What We Like

Design & Quality:
The design of this product is not the most attractive one as it is made to place or mount outside of the house and that is why the whole shape and components look durable. The weather resistant body is quite excellent in protecting the antenna body from corroding due to sunlight or rain.

Frequency & Range:
This product can detect the UHF and VHF frequency along with the high definition 1080p channels. The frequency detection range of this product is quite impressive as it can detect frequency from 150 miles. If you have plans of going on a vacation on your RV truck or camper van then this might be the right product to keep you entertained during your trip.

Ease of Use:
It is a common misconception among the consumers of TV antennas that for setup, it is mandatory to acquire professional services which are indeed not necessary. The user manual along with the pictured guide that comes along with the package has a very detailed description of installation and setup to provide the user with the necessary information so that they can easily install on their own.

Final Thoughts about ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna

The price of ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna is thirty-four dollars and ninety-nine cents only. It offers range of 150 miles and motorized rotation which can be controlled by a wireless remote. A good and hassle free bargain.

4. 1byone Amplified Outdoor Antenna with Omni-directional 360 Degree Reception

If you are too concerned about the ability of antenna and its limitation to particular side then this must be the right product for you as it has the 360-degree reception feature which let you ease the trouble of adjustment every time you want to watch your favorite TV show.

Primary Features:

  • Anti-UV coating
  • 360 Degree Omni-directional Reception
  • 20-foot coaxial cable
  • Easier installation

What We Like

Design & Quality:
One of the most frequently asked question from the consumers is that “Would it last long enough without eroding or having a deficiency?” Well, this is not the case as here as this product has the anti-UV coating which helps a lot in protecting the antenna from erosion due to weather and sunlight. The overall quality of this long-range TV antenna is quite good as each component of the product is made using good quality materials.

Frequency & Range:
This long-range TV antenna can detect VHF, FM, and UHF frequencies and has a range of 60miles which is quite decent as normally local TV channels can easily be detected by the TV antennas within few miles. The key point to note here is that this product has 360-degree receptor which would help in detecting the signals without having to move or change directions of the antenna.

Ease of Use:
As usual, this product comes with a user manual in which there are all of the steps defined about how to install and operate the antenna. It has a unique design which let the user install this antenna easily in just a few steps without using any professional help or directions.

Final Thoughts about 1byone Amplified Outdoor Antenna

The price of 1byone Amplified Outdoor Antenna is thirty-four dollars and ninety-nine cents only. Along with the warranty and 360-degree detection feature, this is a good deal so go and check out this product by following the link.

5. TreeNewBee Outdoor Remote Controlled HDTV UHF VHF Antenna

If you are annoyed by the repetitive manual adjustment of the antenna then this is the product you are going to love as it has a 360-degree motorized rotation feature which detects the frequency from all directions. The easy setup and the lightweight design makes this product a must-have.

Primary Features:

  • Pure vertex technology
  • Light weighted body material
  • 150 – miles range
  • Easy Setup


What We Like

Design & Quality:
For people out there are concerned, outdoor antenna tend to last for a shorter period due to weather and erosion but this product is different as it is built using high-quality materials. The design and shape of this antenna are quite different and created keeping in mind the efficiency. This high-quality antenna also has a pure vertex technology which enables the device to omit the irrelevant signals such as of cellular and FM signals etc.

Frequency & Range:
This product supports multiple frequencies such as VHF and UHF and the range of this product is 150 miles which are quite good as people living in the outskirts of the city often have to face difficulty in watching television but with an extended range of this product, people can enjoy their favorite TV shows.

Ease of Use:
When it comes to setting up an antenna, people often get confused and end up leaving few critical components during the setup which result in the product failed to function properly. In order to rectify the mistake, this product comes with an extremely easy setup option which let the user set up and operates it easily.

Final Thoughts about TreeNewBee Outdoor Antenna

The price of TreeNewBee outdoor remote controlled antenna is around thirty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents only. It comes with a 40 ft. long cable and a range of 150 miles and within this price range this is one of few hot deals currently available in the market.

Final Thoughts About Long Range TV Antennas

So, after reading and going through the above-mentioned products you must have a pretty good idea now about the features and options each of the products possesses and their respective prices. The main point here to notice here is that all of the products fall under the $100 range. In the current market, it is quite difficult to understand technical capabilities of TV antennas and it is one of the major reasons why we have presented the details to help you out in making the purchase decision and understand the necessary information. So, the list gives all sort of TV antennas like if you are living very far away from the city then there is high-performance antenna present and if you are living in the city then there is also medium antenna present meaning you have the choice of some of the best antennas to choose from.


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