Floating Ball Shooting Game Review (2024 Updated)

Target shooting games are designed to challenge the player’s goal and accuracy. By a stream of wind, different sizes of balls are halted in the air from Target Base. At once five styrofoam balls can be loaded in this target floating game. For a lights-out challenge, some neon stickers can be added to the game. Kids will love playing and practicing their aims with this creative game.
LayOPO Floating Shooting Practice :

As the original Hover Shot game, LayOPO Blasters has all the entertainment with prominent boosts in performance! Yet the targets are not ordinary but in this game, everyone has to hit most of the targets. When you turn on the machine, all 5 balls will be suspended in the air by a flow of wind and for the tougher challenge, just turn off the lights and the balls will glow in dark. This game includes 2 different sizes of balls for 2 separate difficulty levels.

The packs include:
A powerful accurate blaster
5 darts to take a shot
Target airbase, measuring 35 x 6.5 x 29 cm.
10 styrofoam balls
A sheet of glow in the dark stickers
Instructions manual

Floating Ball Shooting Game Features:

  • A powerful game having dart blasters that are air-powered to shoot balls and get them halted in the air by small fans.
  • For the shooters of all ages, it is an extremely futuristic target exercise.
  • It’s an inspiration for kids to exercise their skills, set aims, and adventure accomplishments.
  • It enhances visual-spatial skills, attention, and coordination of hand and eye.
  • It can be a very special birthday gift and party game for kids of all ages, even adults will jump into the challenge to have fun!
  • It has an adjustable airflow feature that can take the game to multi-level challenge, take aim at the ball, and hit to win.
  • Great gun target fun for boys and girls and can be played indoor as well as outdoor. This game is able to develop a good relationship between you and your partner or your child, shoot together and challenge each other, who is better in the shooting.


  • Overall Dimensions – 3.4 inches (L) x 17.4 inches (W) x 13.5 inches (H)
  • Material – Plastic
  • Age – 6 Years and Up
  • Weight – 2.5 pounds
  • Assembly Details – No assembly required
  • CPSC Warning – Choking hazard of small parts
  • Players – 1 or More
  • Battery (Not included) – 4 C Alkaline, Required

Benefits of LayOPO Floating Ball Shooting Game:

  • There’s no reason for saying it a good game because shooting games are always fun.
  • Shooting games are much safer than other outdoor games like biking, diving, football, etc.
  • An entertaining game for all the family members, men and women can play together.
  • Enormous and lasting family memories can be made while playing together.
  • You have time for yourself, to think, and to have some privacy while playing alone. You can grow your ability as a sharpshooter on your own without having any assistance.
  • Disabled individuals can excel in some skills through these high-tech gadgets. Shooting starts at an early age and can go on forever in an adult’s lifespan.

Drawbacks LayOPO Floating Ball Shooting Game:

  • The blaster can be sighted well but only for about 8 feet and the fan can be very noisy if moved away from straight.
  • The balls are made of styrofoam and are very small which makes it dangerous for children and pets.
  • Kids can get frustrated as they are not able to hit usually because the area is not accurate.
  • The knobs on the machine just settle at the top and fall off frequently.
  • Guns have to be hand loaded and are very weak though.
  • Balls can not be balanced for a long time because the air blowing out is not much powerful.
  • The styrofoam balls can be squished easily as they are so fragile and can lose their round figure.


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