Best Smartwatches Under $100 – 2024 Smartwatches Reviews & Guide

If you are looking for your first smart watch or may be planning to gift it to your kid or loved ones, then we have exactly what you need.

A smart watch has now become more than a fashion accessory. It helps you with accessibility and a more convenient way to stay connected and updated on notifications without taking out your smartphone every 5 minutes. By just checking your smart watch, you can decide instantly whether it’s important to respond or not. Besides basic functionalities like read messages or see who is calling, smart watches have also become a favorite gadgets for fitness nerds. You can track your activity, heart rate etc. with a smart watch and that data then go in your favorite mobile app giving you some vital info to keep yourself in shape. If you are a parent then smart watches empowers you to track your child movement and whereabouts with GPS tracking system.

And if all that doesn’t sound convincing then just consider it as a cool gadget to show off.

So if we have your attention now, find out what to look for before buying a perfect smart watch available online in your budget.

With ever-increasing technology influx in our daily lives, its no wonder that we are seeing more and more stuff going “smart” everyday and by “smart” we mean online. From AC & fridge to wearable stuff, everything is now online and connected.

Back in 70’s, the first big step in “watches revolution” was the digital watch by Pulsar and then the infamous calculator watch. These watches paved the way for smart watches which ultimately led to first real smart watch being introduced in 2010 by Sony Ericsson that worked with Android phones. However the actual “smartwatches revolution” was started in 2014 with dozens of companies introducing several smart watches including Apple Watch.

Current smart watches not only offers the basic phone functions like call & messaging but also synchronise with the apps in the phone, essentially making it a small smartphone itself. You can use health functions like heart rate monitors or use the GPS within watch or listen to locally stored music on watch while doing workout. These watches ranges from 20 bucks to upto $3000 depending on brand, functions and design. However you don’t need to spend thousands on a smart watch when you can get a good one within $100. Following are are top picks when it comes to best smart watches under 100 dollars.

Primary Features:

  • Device Compatibility
  • Apps & Functions
  • Connectivity
  • Battery Life

Secondary Features:

  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Build Quality
  • Warranty

Top Smart Watches Under 100 Dollars Comparison

Name & BrandCalling/SMS NotificationsHealth FunctionsWater ResistanceWarrantyMore Details
Withings Activité Pop
NoYesYes1 YearCheck Price
Pebble 2+
YesYesYes1 YearCheck Price
Fossil Q Founder
YesYesNo1 YearCheck Price
ASUS Smart Watch
YesYesYes1 YearCheck Price
Martian Notifier Smartwatch
YesYesYes1 YearCheck Price

1. Withings Activité Pop – Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch

This watch is the kind of product that gives you both the time and also aids in activity tracking. It is a popular smart watch that is known to be ahead of its game.

What We Like

Visually, this watch is extremely appealing. It has a minimalistic and modern look that gives it an elegant and mature flair. The watch can be customized with the vibrant straps that come in orange, teal and purple. The watch has been crafted from materials that are sturdy and durable which prevent any sort of physical damage.

This watch comes with a vast array of useful features that will entice you. Whenever you need to, simply look at the tracker on the dial and get updated on how close you are to achieving the goal for that particular day. The watch will detect and also track when you are running or walking. With the help of Bluetooth your data such as the amount of steps you took, the distance you ran or walked and the calorie burn amount will be uploaded to the Health Mate application on your smartphone. The watch is able to detect when you sleep and keeps track of your sleep cycles, the amount of times you woke and the period that you slept. Use the app to set an alarm which will awaken you with a gentle vibration. This watch doesn’t need to be charged regularly and works for up to eight months with just a button cell so that you can use your watch with ease and not have to worry about the battery running out. The watch also helps you in your training as it not only shows how active you are but also shows you how you can incorporate more walking into your routine. The Health Mate also comes with an interactive program that motivates you to walk by components such as reminders, a leaderboard, badges and insights. In order to show the exact timing, the watch synchronizes with your phone so that even if you travel your time is the correct one.

The watch costs just around fifty-eight dollars which is inexpensive for a watch of such exceptional quality and functionality.

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Overall, this watch will give you many benefits and will last you a long time. You will not regret adding it to your collection.

2. Pebble 2+ Heart Rate – Best Health Smartwatch

If you are looking for a watch that will tell you the time and help you to stay fit, the Pebble watch is the perfect product for you.

What We Like

In terms of design, this watch has an elegant look that is visually appealing. The design is minimalistic and simple which makes it look sleek and modern. The watch is resistant to water which means you can wear it even when you are swimming or showering.

This watch is bound to make your pulse race! It monitors your heart beats per minute which will allow you to reach the perfect levels of workout and simply looking at your watch will let you know whether you are nailing it or not. Pebble Health lets you know all sorts of useful stats such as the number of steps you took, your heart rate, the amount of calories that you burned and much more. Knowing these facts will help you to hone your workout routine to achieve stellar results and get to your goals in no time. With this watch you can also track your sleep cycles and the amount of time you will need for recovery. The product has features such as audio, messaging, notes and a microphone. The microphone and dictation feature allow you to voice your words. This method is easier than typing and saves you a lot of time. You can efficiently reply to messages and take notes this way. You can customize the Peddle for your preferences as you have the choice of more than ten thousand apps that can help you in staying fit and healthy, news, games and remote controls. The watch is resistant to water which means you can wear it even when you are swimming or showering. The limit is thirty meters. The watch works for a week on a single charge so that you can be at ease for seven days and use the watch without having to worry about the battery running out. The screen stays on and is visible even in glaring sunlight so that you can always see clearly even when you are outdoors.

This watch cost around ninety-five dollars which makes it an investment you will not regret as the watch has many benefits and is affordable as well.

Final Thoughts About Pebble 2+ Heart Rate Smart Watch

You must not hesitate and get this watch as soon as you can.

3. Fossil Q Founder Leather Smart Watch

Having a watch is a necessity in the contemporary world. These handy gadgets give you all sorts of advantages and are incredibly useful. They also work great as presents for a loved one. Fossil is a brand known for its excellent quality in watches which is why these products come with the guarantee of good quality.

What We Like

Technology can be worn and in a fashionable way with the Fossil Q Founder Gen 1 watch. It has a circular case made from sleek stainless steel with a brown leather strap which makes it look both vintage and modern. The buckle closure is secure and the digital dial makes it easier to check. The design of this watch is visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing so you will be improving your look with this elegant and stylish watch.

This watch comes with a vast array of useful features that make it an object that you can use for many purposes and which gives you many unexpected benefits. The watch gives you smartphone notifications so that it coordinates with you wherever you are and you can receive notifications for things like phone calls, social media, emails and more. It tracks your activity so that at the end of the day you can check how much you have achieved. The straps are customizable which means you can adjust them according to your personal preference. The watch automatically updates the time and date so that you can stick to your schedule and not lose track. Your music can also be controlled with this watch for easy access. Wireless syncing makes it easier for you to connect and gives you greater access. The microphone and speaker allow you to voice yourself and makes it easier to record audios. Once you update the watch to Android Wear 2.0 you will be able to access Wi-Fi easily. You can also get complete iOS compatibility if you get the iOS 10.0.2+ software update.

Final Thoughts About Fossil Q Founder Gen 1 Smart Watch

To sum it up, this watch has many uses and gives you a ton of benefits. It is ideal if you cannot always reach your phone but need to stay in touch or receive updates. The look is also beautiful which is why this product is a must-have. You will be delighted by its exceptional quality and will not be let down in any way.

4. ASUS Smart Watch

If you are looking for a watch which is reliable and has many features, this is your ideal choice.

What We Like

Design-wise this watch is visually appealing. It has the right amount of modernity while also having a classic feel to it. The watchband is 22 mm and is made from authentic Italian stitched leather. The watch is made from comfortable and lightweight materials that are durable. The clasp has been crafted in a way that is secure but also makes it easy to remove and put on. The watch face can be customized with more than a hundred combinations to choose from.

This watch is your best substitute of a fitness trainer. It gives you a detailed account of your activity time, the number of steps that were taken by you, the amount of calories your burned and your heart rate. You can check if you hit your goal and set fitness goals for yourself like the amount of steps you want to take in a day and then observe these goals on your watch and in the Wellness application as well. With this watch you will be able to improve your lifestyle in a way that is healthy and keeps you fit. If you pair the watch with your smartphone then you will be able to receive weekly and daily reports from the Wellness app with proper summarizations and aligned timelines. The UP system is an interactive and advantageous way of getting healthier in an easy way. UP starts with getting to know you, it tracks your activities and allows you to record your diet and sleep routine. It will then let you know how to make changes that will improve your lifestyle and physical health. The Zen watch helps you with your media presentations and by touching the ASUS app you will be able to amaze your audience and manage time as well. The remote camera allows you to use your watch as a viewfinder and get the perfect angle for a photo. If your phone rings at an inappropriate time, simply place your hand on the dial of the watch and it will be muted.

This watch costs just around a hundred and sixty dollars which is reasonable for a product of such high quality.

Final Thoughts About ASUS Smart Watch

Overall, this watch is all that you could possibly want and you will be pleased once you get it.

5. Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch

A watch that is interactive and looks great, the Martian Smartwatch will not let you down.

What We Like

The design of this watch has major contribution in its appeal. The watch has a 1.5 inch graphic OLED display and shows you the information in a clear and detailed way with a high resolution. The design of the watch is simple and minimalistic which gives it a modern and sleek look which makes it elegant. The silicone strap is secured with a steel clasp which gives you a secure hold. The black color looks mature.

With this watch you will be able to receive notifications from thousands of apps alerting you about emails, calendar, social media, news, games and caller ID. There will be a unique type of vibration for every individual notification so that you can know without having to look at your watch. You can also choose which notifications are important so that those will be filtered out and shown on your watch. The battery of the watch is long lasting. You can increase the day alerts of six days to more by switching the watch off at night with the touch of a button. When you turn off alerts the analog watch will remain working with its battery which operates for two years. Tapping the glass of the watch will allow you to view a notification as long as five minutes after you received it. You can remotely control the camera of your smartphone and capture a photo or activate a timer to get a group photo with you in it. The Martian Notifier helps prevent the loss of your phone. It will send you an alert as soon as you step out of the general range of the phone and can also help you find a phone that you have misplaced. The watch is compatible with certain Apple and Android smartphones. It can be used with most Android smartphones and tablets and Apple iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S and versions of iPad and iPod touch.

The watch costs just around sixty-four dollars. This is incredibly reasonable for such a high-caliber product.

Final Thoughts About Martian Watches Smartwatch

To sum it up, this watch is functional, visually appealing and affordable. You will not regret buying this watch as it will cater to your every need and please you greatly. Get it as soon as you can.


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