Best Tower Fans Under $100 – 2024 Tower Fans Reviews & Guide

Even in the age of high tech air conditioning machines and cooling units, the importance of fans is still present and a large portion of the population still use them for multiple purposes from cooling items to themselves. Fans also have several categories such as the ceiling fans, portable fans, tower fans etc.

Here, we have presented the key aspects of the tower fans with details of their functions and features. When purchasing a tower fan, you have to consider few key points before making a purchase decision such as the evaluation of your needs and the identification of the right product as it is indeed a complex process. When researching through several products, multiple questions always arises on people minds and make it difficult for them to distinguish one product from the other. Also, the different types and shapes of fans can also become quite difficult to distinguish from thousands of products.

To provide you with the precise information, we have done thorough research in finding the right products and compiled a list here with the top tower fans brands currently available in the market with the difference in prices, features, and designs. They possess cool features, options and all the relevant details regarding their design, qualities, features, and options, keep reading to find out all the information;

Primary Features:

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Mobility
  • Power option

Secondary Features:

  • Size
  • Price
  • Weight
  • Color

1. Holmes HT38R-U Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control

Holmes is a famous brand in the fan category and they have successfully launched several products in the market since the inception. This Holmes tower fan is light-weight and has multiple smart features and technologies. The high-performance motor can easily operate up to several hours without any interruptions.

Primary Features:

  • Three-speed settings
  • Top mounted control panel with LED lights
  • Automatic shut off timer
  • 3 Year limited warranty

What We Like

Design & Functions:
This tower fan product has a slim, compact design which is ideal for the small space area or room as it can easily fit into tight spaces and corners. The 3 different speed setting option let you adjust speed according to your preference. The oscillation function provides extra wide coverage so that you can get the cool air in a better way. It also has quit-operation options which enable you to switch the fan to operate quietly.

The ultra-light material gives the user an extra mobility, its tower design shape efficiently distributed the product weight which makes it easier to handle it. To provide extra mobility, this tower fan has an integrated carry handle to provide better grip for handling and lifting.

Power option and controls:
This tower fan is energy efficient as it consumes 60% less energy than the usual ones. It has a top-mounted control panel which has all the options for speed setting and other operations. It also comes with a remote that has all the cooling, modes and the air adjustment settings so that you don’t have to go near fan for adjustments. The timer of this fan has the option to adjust it for up to 8 hours of continuous cooling run time.

Final Thoughts about Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan

The price of Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan is around forty dollars and ninety-nine cents only. Within forty bucks you are getting a high-quality tower fan with remote control and wide air oscillation and other cool options so check out this fabulous product.

2. Honeywell HYF290B Quietset 8-Speed Whole-Room Tower Fan

Honeywell is one of the leading brands in the fans category as their product is highly reliable and their equality is top end. This Honeywell product also comes with features and cool options, it has the quietset technology that enables the user to operate the fan in quiet mode.

Primary Features:

  • 8 Speed Touch Button Electronic Controls
  • QuietSet technology
  • Dimming feature
  • Auto Shut-Off Timer

What We Like

Design & Functions:
The slim shape of this tower fan enables the user to easily carry and operate it, making it the perfect fan for your home. It has an 8-speed settings option that let you choose whichever speed you want it to operate with. The auto shut off timer function has up to 8 hours of running limit and can be easily adjusted. If are annoyed by bright control panel light then do not worry as this tower fan has the option to dim the light in percentages. The setup of this tower fan is pretty easy as it is designed in a way that it can easily setup without using any tool.

The mobility of this product is quite impressive as the design of the carrying handle let you place the fan anywhere you want without putting extra effort. The slim design of this tower fan makes it possible to put the fan in corners and narrow space area.

Power option and controls:
The control panel of this product is all electronic with a very responsive selection menu, it also comes with a remote control that also has all the similar options of the control panel and the user can easily adjust the settings according to the choice remotely. This tower fan also has a cool noise control feature which is easily adjustable and significantly reduces the fan noise to provide you with better sleep.

Final Thoughts about Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan

The price of Honeywell Tower Fan is around fifty-one dollars and ninety-nine cents only. It is a good deal as this tower fan has many cool features and options plus it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

3. Lasko Wind Curve Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer

Lasko product Inc. is one of the oldest fan and machines manufacturers in the world, their products are widely known for high quality and multiple cool features. This lasko product has few cool features and functions such as the quite speed mode selection option and the fresh air ionizer option.

Primary Features:

  • Fresh air ionizer option
  • Sophisticated Wind Curve
  • Three quiet speeds
  • Fused safety plug

What We Like

Design & Functions:
The design of this product is compact and small in size to provide you with the best possible relaxed experience. The 42 inches wind curve platinum fan fresh air ionizer is of top quality as it disperses cool air quickly. The three-speed setting and a wide area oscillation feature efficiently cool the area and let you adjust the speed according to your speed.

The ergonomically designed carry handle at the back of this product increases its mobility as you can easily move and place the product in your desired area. The small size and compact shape can easily fit in tight spaces, it also allows the user the freedom to put it on the bedsides table.

Power option and controls:
The energy saving timer has the auto shut off option which can automatically shut off after the set time period which is up to 7.5 hours. The unit control panel of this tower fan has all the necessary operating options such as power, speed adjustment, oscillation, timer and the ionizer. You can also operate it using a remote as it also comes with one.

Final Thoughts about Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan

The price of Lasko Wind Curve Fan is around forty-seven dollars and fifty-two cents only. One of the best deal on Amazon as this tower fan has all the cool features and function and high-speed cooling option.

4. SevilleClassics UltraSlimline Oscillating Tower Fan with Steel Intake Grill

Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40 in. Oscillating Tower Fan with Steel Intake Grill, Black has many interesting functions and features. The high-quality control panel and fan components not only distinguish this product among all its competitors but perform way better with high efficiency.

Primary Features:

  • 4 ultra-quiet speed settings
  • Steel air intake grill
  • Programmable shutdown option
  • One-push LED lighted control panel

What We Like

Design & Functions:
The design of this tower fan is quite different as it has 4 ultra-quiet speed settings which enable you to adjust the speed settings and noise adjustments. The steel air intake grill of this tower fan is designed specifically for high-performance maximum airflow to provide a more natural feeling. It also has an oscillation option which provides 75 degrees fast spreading air movement. The timer option can automatically shut down the fan and is adjustable from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.

The compact design of the tower fan takes less than a square feet and can easily be put in any area. The 6.25 feet long power cord is optimal for connectivity and mobility. The tower shape and light weight make this product high portable as you can lift and put it anywhere you want so whenever you are in the kitchen you can take this tower fan with you and can easily place on the counter and enjoy the cool air.

Power option and controls:
The smile push buttons on the LED lighted control panel consist of all the essential options including power on/off, oscillation, timer, fan speed, and fan modes. It also comes with a user-friendly remote with a screen that let you see what option you are selecting.

Final Thoughts about SevilleClassics UltraSlimline Oscillating Tower Fan

The price of Seville Classics 40 inches Oscillating Tower Fan is around fifty-three dollars and seventy-six cents only which makes it the coolest product among all of the listed products as the range of features and functions it offers are way more and within this price range, it is one hell of a good deal. Go and check out this product.

5. Ozeri Ultra 42″ Wind Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan – with Noiseless Airflow Technology

Ozeri has multiple successful products in its pocket and this product is among one of them as it comes with many features, options, and cool technologies. The reduced blade noise is one of the interesting features of this product as you can easily run this tower fan in a quiet mode.

Primary Features:

  • Reduced Blade Noise
  • Pre Programmed Timer
  • Remote Control and Screen
  • No Tool Assembly

What We Like

Design & Functions:
The slim design with perfect side trims bring an advanced look into the room, the 42 inches wide fan provides optimal air circulation and its 12-hour timer can easily be adjusted using a control panel or the remote control. The whole package of this tower fan is easy to assemble and does not require any tools, the base and extension columns are adjustable as you can easily adjust the height according to your preference.

The mobility of this product is good and not too optimal as the weight distribution and size takes space but the key aspect of this tower fan is its extended remote control option as you can easily operate and adjust settings of the fan from a reasonable distance using a remote.

Power option and controls:
The multi-colored LED screen is bright and clear as the user can easily adjust it and change it according to its preference. It comes with both on screen and remote control options from which user can easily adjust settings.

Final Thoughts about Ozeri Oscillating Tower Fan

The price of Ozeri 42 inches Oscillating Tower Fan is around ninety-two dollars and ninety-nine cents only. It also comes with a 1 year warranty that indeed gives the user the option to use the product without having to worry about failure of any component

Final Thoughts About Oscillating Tower Fans

Tower fans are being throughout the world and are highly efficient in operations and provide the user with the best experience, to select the best tower fan an individual must research thoroughly on the internet and find out the cool aspects and features in order to select the type of product he/she needs. After reading this article, fan purchaser like you must have obtained a detailed knowledge of some of the best tower fans currently available on the market.

When making these list, it is important to take price into consideration before making a purchase decision and you must have noticed that above mentioned all of the products are well below $100 price range. If you want a tower fan with multiple functions, features and also want it to be under hundred dollars range then these products are some of the best among all of the products currently available in the market.


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