Best Card Games for 2 People Under $100 – 2024 Card Games Reviews and Guide

One of the lowest costs and effective indoor and outdoor activities for a group of people is a card game. Card games can be played by at least 2 people to a group of 20 – 25+ even. Card games are of a different variety. One of the downsides of card games is that they involve zero physical activity, in the sense that they are played sitting and huddled together. Card games are popular worldwide and every country, city or even culture has different types of card games. There is no count as to how many card games exist in the world as it is really hard to keep up with them. But a few similar themes will be that there is normally a deck of cards and one side of the entire deck looks the same, only the person having the cards knows what he has and the others have no idea or other people cards.

One of the criticisms which card games get is that they are mostly a game of chance, hence flukes are well known and a persons intelligence or other parameter just goes out of the window, but at the same time the entire fun of card games is the unpredictability of the final outcome, anyone can be a winner and that makes it more and more interesting.

Some of the best card games are those which involve strategy and a wider scenario of the plot, nowadays many card games are available to purchase with a whole set of story and strategy attached. These card games are the best type of card games. And for that reason, we have compiled for you a list of some of the most loved 2 player card games which you can purchase online. You can thank us later for introducing to this world of card games entertainment.

Before we dive into which are some of the top-rated card games to purchase online, here is what you need to know about the specifications.

What to Look For When Buying Card Games?

Game strategy
This is very important to know before you buy a card game or a set of card games. You should be well aware of what type of card games you are getting, there are those kinds of card games which are simple question-answer based icebreakers, there are card games which involve drinking and then there are the most loved and often purchased card games which involve magical land and fantasy tales. So before you buy card games just make sure you know which one you want?

Numbers of players needed
Always get this out of the way before you get a card game. Most of the time this is mentioned by the manufacturer.

How easy it is to understand
The nature of the game, how easy you can get around it and understand it, not necessarily easy to play.

For which age groups it is suitable
Some games might have age restrictions and some of the games may have adult or violent themes that are not suitable for all ages.

Most of the card games are very inexpensive however there might be some games that may cost a lot and the reason may be because of high card volume and other accessories involved. So make sure you check the pricing before you purchase card games.

Material and Print
This is important because some cards may have very low quality and colors. So make sure you check that, however, the card games which we recommend will surely be of top quality.

1. The Gathering War of The Spark Booster Box

This is one of the most sought after cards game. War of the Spark is the most awesome card set ever introduced. It contains 36 Planeswalker cards and a cinematic story that is unmatched, it involves warfare and everyone is at danger!

Game Strategy
Each player gets a deck of 60 cards and you begin with 20 points, you can win the game by reducing your enemy or opponents life from 20 points to zero points.

How easy it is to understand
This game is relatively very easy to understand and it is fun to play!

Age Groups
Although the website says that it is suitable for people over the age of 13+, even 10 years old can play this card game and enjoy it.

Just around the 100 Dollar mark, this card game is a steal with all its accessories.

Material & Print
Awesome print and material used in these cards, they are your best bet when it comes to material and print. You will thoroughly enjoy the visuals and handling of these cards.

Final Thoughts About War of the Spark Booster Box

The War of The Spark Booster Box comprises of 36 booster packs with atleast 1 rare card in each pack. It gives you a cinematic gaming experience as well as test your strategical strengths when it comes to defending against dozens of planeswalkers from multiverse, each stronger than other.

2. These Cards Will Get You Drunk – Fun Adult Drinking Game for Parties

These drinking card games have taken the world by storm, but be aware you and all those who play this game will get very very drunk. Expect to be tipsy from the beginning! This fun card game for 2 people packs a punch of laughter and giggles! It is very easy, you just need to read the card and follow the instruction. It’s a great icebreaker and should be a part of your game night!

Game Strategy
There is no strategy! Just follow the instructions and enjoy, this is a full-blown party item, people will love you for this game and if its admiration you are looking for you will definitely get it!

How easy it is to understand
Again as mentioned in the strategy part there is nothing to it! There are 100 cards, just put them on a table and start clockwise, read and follow through on what is mentioned on the card!

Age Groups
This is where it is different from other card games, this is card game is for 21+ because it involves drinks obviously.

It’s a steal at 15 dollars. You get 100 cards and millions of laughter!

Material & Print
The packaging is real good, the card size and material are normal because the cards do not require much handling that makes it fine.

Final Thoughts About Cards That Will Get You Drunk

There is no party without drinks & laughs and these Cards Will Get You Drunk is the perfect way to do both. A very entertaining yet extremely bonding game that will help you with planning fun evenings with your friends.

3. The Gathering – Throne of Eldraine Booster Box

The game that started this realm! This game is 25 years old!! And has a following of close to 40 million!! This game basically has a Knight of the realm who is out to fulfill his destiny, he must go in the wild on his daring quests. The forest is full of dangers and tricks, but at the same time, there are secrets to be uncovered by you!

Game Strategy
Much like the strategy mentioned for The Gathering War, The Gathering Throne of Eldraine also has a deck of 60 cards, and much like it you just have to make sure you reduce the points of your opponent from 20 to 0.

How easy it is to understand
This game is very easy to get a hang of and play, you will not be disappointed by this card game!

Age Groups
It is for 13 years and older however the average age group for this ranks between 10 to 30 years of age! The most average age of people who bought this card game is 27!

It stands at just under 100 dollars and ranges in the mid-’90s. Keep an eye out for discounts on this one!

Material & Print
The material and print of Gathering Throne of Eldraine are really top-notch and it’s worth it!

Final Thoughts About Throne of Eldraine Booster Box

If you want a truly thrilling card game with endless possibilities, then The Gathering Throne of Eldraine Booster Box is just the thing you re looking for. From devising a fool proof plan to war strategy, you will be tested with your every move. It was one the original strategy game in The Gathering series and no wonder its still the most sought after and popular card game among fans.

4. New Phone Who Dis Game

Now, this card game is one of a kind, imagine sitting and creating a thread of text where people compete to be the most comical. Yes, you got it this is the best kind of card game for a party of adults. Sadly children or younger people can not part take in this card game and make sure you send them to their rooms or get them busy elsewhere before you sit with your friends or party guys and have a great night or a holiday!

Game Strategy
An inbox or sent items are drawn and the rest of the participants try to have the most comical response card. Once people finalize their responses, one nominated person decides which was the best and funniest response. With each funniest response finalized that person earns a point. In the end, the person with the most points wins and that’s it!

How easy it is to understand
It is very easy to understand as it is a text-based party card game, the entire goal is to be funny! And do not worry about the understanding part, you just need to create a chain and you are a go!

Age Groups
As mentioned earlier children or younger teens cannot play this game due to things getting out of hand and might take on adult themes, hence try to keep this game away from younger audiences or participants. The warning has been issued!!

The pricing is really easy on the pocket, just the cost of a normal lunch in NYC around 20 dollars. It will not set you back very much but will set you on a fast track of a great party guy! Go for it!

Material & Print
They are nice to hold and easy to store and use. They are tough and can be used for a long long time.

Final Thoughts About New Phone Who Dis Game

A perfect card game to enjoy a fun evening with your friends or family. Unlike other card games, its easy to understand and anyone can play it without any previous experience. The game has total 540 cards so you can play it for a couple of hours in single sitting.

5. Modern Horizons Booster Box Card Game

The Magic: The Gathering Format Modern has endless possibilities and adventure. A deep card pool and a comprehensive shift mean that improvisation and innovation are at every step of this card game. This is going to be a wild experience for all card game lovers and who are familiar with the world of MAGIC. The world is not your arena now, everything the entire universe is at your command. You can play GOD with these set of cards. It is the original and the prime magic set designed for the modern format.

Game Strategy
The Game strategy and how it is played is very simple for Magic: The Gathering. It boosts as the first collectible card game. Players compete by selecting cards from a wider pool which they themselves have built. And as with most of the games by Magic, it is the same formula for reducing the life of your opponent from twenty to zero.

How easy it is to understand
Pretty straightforward when it comes to understanding the rules and characters, you have to be sharp and focused when playing this game and make sure you win!

Age Groups
This game is for age groups 13 and the older but even younger audience can play with this, no harm done!

It’s a bit on the higher side with prices ranging from 200 to 300 USD, please make sure you get a good deal either at the store or online.

Material & Print
Awesome material and print, the cards are beautifully designed and the aesthetics are just mind-blowing!

Final Thoughts About Magic the Gathering - Modern Horizons Booster Box

Modern Horizons Booster box allows you to devise and evolve your game strategy on the go. You can even create a customized card deck to keep changing the difficulty level of game. With multiple stories & scenarios, Modern Horizons Booster Box is that one perfect cared game that becomes a forever green card game for late night parties.

Final Words

So there you have it, these are the best possible card games which you can purchase online or in-store, we are really glad to help you! Instead of sifting through hundreds of web pages and reading descriptions and reviews, we have presented you with some of the top and best-rated card games available at the moment. The card games mentioned above are also cheap and they will not dent your wallet or your head for that matter (if you are taking money from someone else to purchase them). The list included a variety of card games which are mostly under a hundred dollars. These games range from magic, fantasy to drinking and fun games. We tried our best to lay out the best possible card games for you. We will also update this list whenever we feel that other card games are better than the ones which we have mentioned here. Till then take care and have fun with your card games in your parties, game-night or social gatherings. See ya!


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