Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack Review (2020 Updated)

The dish drying rack or Over-the-sink rack is an efficient approach and appreciated widely as a kitchen accessory as it saves a lot of space, there are many designs available in the market and can be chosen as per requirement and space availability. These racks usually made of two different materials which are plastic and stainless steel which prevents rusting due to water and makes it long-lasting and durable but they both have some pros and cons as well, Stainless steel is durable and sturdy, but usually, it’s expensive. Plastic, on the other side, isn’t much long-lasting, but it’s cost-effective. The thing to notice is that both are easy to maintain and clean, though.

It is a great option for kitchens that have small counter space, put it over the sink to manage and keep utensils and dishes in the easily accessible area. This dish rack includes several pieces; dish rack, plate rack, square basket, vegetable and fruit basket, chopping board rack, knife holder, 4 hooks, and a tray for chopsticks and other utensils. These pieces allow you to manage every utensil in a manner you want it to be and could be arranged perfectly in one chic shelf while keeping your kitchen clean and tidy, saving space and time while cooking and then cleaning all the mess afterward. Water will drop down in the sink making your work more effective and easy.

– U-shaped structure.
– To save space, a tool holder is also mounted behind the shelf.

The rack design is the most important thing to consider because it depends upon you, whether you want it to be left out or store it after using it. A common option is an over-the-sink rack as a semi-permanent fixture, another option in sink racks is that they collapse after drying dishes. If you have a large space over the sink then you can go for the one which is meant to be left out but whichever option you go with, just keep in mind that it fulfills your capacity need.

Measure sink length and the height of faucet to assure that the rack will be appropriately fixed over the sink when you go for purchase to avoid any inconvenience.

Key Features

  • Excellent quality of inner stainless steel and outer coating with piano paint.
  • Strengthening the U-shaped structure at the bottom.
  • 7 detachable holders and racks for different utensils.
  • Appropriate for daily cleaning with easily detachable structure
  • Adjustable just according to your needs.
  • 60 pounds carriage.
  • Good stability and doesn’t lean forward.
  • At the bottom, there are slip-resistant suction cups which makes it more stable
  • Space of 100 LBS.
  • Powerful material giving extra strength.


  • Material - 304 Stainless steel
  • Color - Black
  • Assembly Required - Yes
  • Weight Capacity - 35 KG
  • Knife chopsticks holder - 20x6x26.5cm/7.87x2.36x10.43inches
  • Chopping Board - 14x5.3x20cm/5.51x2.09x7.87inches
  • Hanging basket - 22.5x8.5x19cm/8.86x3.35x7.48inches
  • Assemble Size - 63x28x67cm/24.80x11.02x26.38inches
  • Package Size - 67x32x11cm/26.38x12.60x4.33inches
  • Weight - Net weight 2450g/5.4lbs; Gross weight 2900g/6.39lbs

Installation Process for Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack:

  1. Components can be distinguished easily
  2. Brackets can be aligned with the crossbar
  3. Let the bracket and the bar screwed together.
  4. Tool wrench is provided to tighten and fix them with 4 given screws
  5. Hanging baskets can be installed on the crossbar at the end
  • It saves your kitchen space.
  • The rack has a very cozy design which helps and makes working easy in drying all the dishes.
  • Utensils can be arranged neatly and perfectly
  • Its length is 32.5 inches
  • It minimizes the possibility of making your kitchen floor dirty as water will drop directly into the sink.
  • Boost up kitchen hygiene.
  • Kitchen utensils can be accessed easily
  • Your kitchen will remain clean and tidy
  • Cost-effective.
  • Looks nice and perfect in modern kitchen
  • The rack is of modern design which improves decor and keeps the kitchen organized

  • Dish rack size is not appropriate
  • Paper towel holder is not available
  • Tough to assemble
  • The material looks very cheap
  • It is very small then it is shown in pictures.
  • Measurements are not the same as mentioned.

Final Words:
It is not really hard to have a kitchen which remains tidy, organized and beautiful and it can be achieved by just managing kitchen counters. If you have a large and oversized counter rack then replace it with over the sink rack and you will see the difference.

High Quality 304 stainless steel guarantees long-lasting longevity, resistance to rust, and super easy to clean. All the step-by-step setup instructions are printed on the backside of the portable box in which all accessories are packed carefully. If necessary then it can be conveniently carried upstairs and super easy to assemble.


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