Diabetic Socks – Best Diabetic Socks Under $100 (2024 Reviews & Guide)

One illness that is seen to be widespread around the globe is Diabetes. Apart from requiring lifelong treatment for the disease itself, patients are also at risk of developing other complications, which may ultimately affect their feet. For this, proper foot care and good-fitting footwear along with exercises, that help with blood circulation to the feet, is imperative. Failing to do so may lead to deformed feet and toes as well as other problems.

Do you know of any diabetic patient or someone who suffers from swollen feet and other foot related issues? Are you aware that they may be in dire need of proper fitting footwear? Come on, buy them a pair of diabetic socks and watch their comfort level rise! It’s always great to buy surprise gifts, especially which have such amazing benefits.

Here, we have compiled a list of some of the best diabetic socks based on specific features and high customer satisfaction. Furthermore, to help you with the purchasing decision, we have classified the socks according to the gender preferences i.e. Unisex, Men, Women and compression socks. so that you can make the perfect choice for yourself or your loved ones with diabetes. Scroll through this comprehensive guide, and it’s a guarantee that you will end up buying the perfect diabetics socks, and that too, without burning a hole in your pocket!

Primary Features:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Moisture Control
  • Anti Bacterial

Secondary Features:

  • Price
  • Washable
  • Durability
  • Thickness

Best Unisex Diabetic Socks Under $100

When you are diabetic, you are also prone to developing serious foot conditions due to which your whole leg below the knee may get affected. Good fitting footwear, such as diabetic socks, appear as a savior in such conditions. Have a look at the following pairs that have been designed to suit both genders.

1. Foot MD Diabetic Bamboo Socks

MD Bamboo Diabetic sock collection would be perfect solution for people who suffer from all kinds of diabetes, including Gestation Diabetes, and for people with Sensitive skin/Nerve damage. They would love our bamboo diabetic socks. Over 70% rayon from bamboo fiber and innovated designs make MD Bamboo Diabetic socks so special.

What We Like

MD Bamboo Diabetic socks are Moisture-wicking, Super Comfortable and Breathable which can help keep your feet cool and dry all day long, avoid of sweaty and athletic feet; Cushioned sole and seamless toe area design make them wore in comfort all the day, no need to worry about chafing or irritation.

MD Bamboo Diabetic socks can keep your feet healthy, free from smelly and other feet problems. Its special material also make them wearable all year round, to keep your feet cool in warmer months and help reserve heat during colder weather. More importantly, many people who can not wear hemp or wool directly on their skin because of allergies experience can choose bamboo fiber as perfect alternative.

Widely considered as a more renewable material than cotton, rayon from bamboo is becoming more and more popular especially by individuals with environmental-consciousness. Besides Eco-friendly, MD Bamboo Diabetic socks are also DURABLE AND ANTI-DEFORMATION.

Final Thoughts About Foot MD Diabetic Bamboo Socks

FootMD diabetic socks are made of of a super comfortable, warm and breathable material. Moreover the bamboo diabetic socks are environment friendly, making it a great and reliable choice, when it comes to diabetic socks.

2. USA Made Physician’s Choice Diabetic Crew Socks

If you are looking for diabetic socks that best match your needs of minimising foot injuries and keeping the feet warm, then these Diabetic Crew Socks are simply perfect! Glance over its features to believe this. Its available in 4 sizes and 7 colors.

What We Like

This is a pair of socks that is made with smooth toe technology to prevent skin irritations, and is approved by physicians all over the world. These socks have a non-binding, lose fit top for an enhanced blood circulation, which qualifies them to be breathable. Moreover, each pair is vented for ample moisture management. It can easily provide utmost comfort to all those who are suffering from diabetes, edema, or any other poor blood circulation issues of the feet and legs.

The top of the socks is lose fitting, and can be stretched up to 11 inches. Besides, the foot area is Terry cushioned for enhanced comfort. They are going to stay well up on your calves without cutting off circulation, or making your feel uncomfortable in any way. Get ready to welcome less pain caused by swelling, sensitivity, or foot and leg disorders!

You can easily wear these socks anywhere without sporting sock circles around your legs or itchy skin due to constant rubbing of the material against your skin. They are meant to withstand rough use, and will hold back their color fairly well even after being washed countless times. Moreover, 1 pack comes with 12 pairs each!

Final Thoughts About Physician's Choice Diabetic Crew Socks

PhysiciansChoice diabetic socks are made in USA with smooth toe technology that ensure less irritations and its knit-in vents offer better moisture and sweat management.

3. Yomandamor Bamboo Diabetic & Non-Binding Ankle Socks with Seamless Toe

Do most of the socks you have tried come with seams that trigger blisters by rubbing against your skin? if you are in search of diabetic socks that prevents skin infections along with keeping the feet dry and comfortable; try the Bamboo Diabetic Ankle socks. It comes in Large size i.e. 10-13 sock size and available in 3 colors and 2 designs.

What We Like

Unlike traditional socks that usually have prominent seams, these diabetic ones are absolutely seamless, with a large wide calf and top. They are made mainly from bamboo material, which not only makes them breathable, but also provides the finest fit, and an increased comfort level. Moreover, they are very stretchy and serve as a blessing for patients who are prone to developing foot ulcers as these socks come with an extra padding that keeps the feet dry and healthy at all times.

The socks do not sport tight-fitting elastics to prevent slippage, and are designed with a non-binding top instead that allows better blood circulation to the legs, and prevents tension lines on your ankles. Yomandamor diabetic socks are of high quality despite the affordable price tag, and offer brilliant durability as well. The bamboo fiber used in the making of these socks only became stronger by being blended together with cotton fiber.

These are wearable everyday and everywhere, without losing its effectiveness anytime soon. Besides, due to the bamboo fiber, these socks are extremely soft and capable of absorbing odor and moisture to keep your feet feeling fresh. Each pack contains 6 pairs of L-size diabetic socks.

Final Thoughts About Yomandamor Diabetic Ankle Socks

Made with 70% bamboo & 30% elastane material, Yomandamor diabetic socks are a perfect choice for both men and women. It has micromesh and large breathing holes as well as odor-resistant antibacterial feature giving you comfort and safety at its finest.

Best Men’s Diabetic Socks Under $100

Are you troubled by the cons of being a diabetic? Do your feet swell very often due to poor blood circulation? If yes, then it is about time that you spend some money on a great pair of diabetic socks. The following are few options that will highly be preferred by men due to their suitable length and color selection.

4. MediPEDS Men’s 8 Pack Diabetic Quarter Socks with Non-Binding Top

Has your doctor recommended you proper foot care to lessen the blow diabetes has put on them? Don’t panic! Just get a pair of MediPEDS diabetic quarter socks to feel a drastic improvement in your worsening foot condition today. Its available in 3 sizes and 2 colors.

What We Like

The socks are knitted with quality fibers, namely polyster, coolmax and lycra. It comes with a non-binding top as well as an extra stretch for maximized comfort. The Coolmax fibers absorb moisture so you don’t have to worry about your feet getting too dry or cool, while the lycra fibers provide a superior fit as well as freedom of movement, and they even help in holding up the socks better and longer.

This brand is focused on producing diabetic socks that keep feet and legs healthy by eliminating symptoms of leg fatigue, swelling, poor circulation, blisters and dry skin, through an all-day support. Furthermore, it helps in reducing the onset of foot ulcers and infections with its cushion sole. The infusion of Aloe Vera further provides the wearer with soothing and hydrating properties for rough or callused feet.

Through NanoGlide technology, the diabetic socks are engineered to be long-lasting, friction resistant, machine washable, quick drying, and moisture wicking. Just wear them all day long comfortably, and kick all your foot worries aside.

Final Thoughts About MediPEDS Men's Diabetic Quarter Socks

MediPeds socks offers maximum comfort and alleviate symptoms caused by diabetes, blister, leg fatigue etc. The socks offers features such as COOLMAX fibers, NanoGLIDE technology etc and are infused with aloe vera for soothing and hydrating properties.

5. Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Non-Binding Diabetes and Circulatory Crew Socks

Has your foot condition worsened to the extent that you feel utter numbness? If yes, then it has become even more important to find socks that fit you perfectly and don’t rub against your skin. Dr. Scholl’s circulatory crew socks can be your best choice in this regards. Read on to learn why.

What We Like

Knitted together with 92% polyster, 7% nylon, and 1% Spandex, the soft, non-binding top of these diabetic socks prevent restricted circulation, while the ultra smooth toe seam and amazing moisture management are perfect for sensitive feet. They keep your feet dry even if you keep them on the whole day.

Apart from providing a great fit and comfort level through its soft-stretch feature, the socks are also equipped with odor control properties that help in keeping the socks fresh for longer periods of use, by offering protection against unwanted bacteria. They also come with a cushioned foot bed for extra protection from skin irritations, and the countered fit guarantees all-day comfort. The pair is certainly a perfect choice for those who are always on the move.

You can also be assured of the high-quality and durability of these socks as they are machine washable, and can easily withstand wear and tear even after daily use or many washes. The color too, is very unlikely to fade anytime soon so your socks will appear as good as new for a long time. Its available in 3 sizes and 2 colors.

Final Thoughts About Dr. Scholl's Men's Diabetes Socks

Dr. Scholl's diabetes and circulatory socks are Odor-resistant and features non-binding top with open-knit leg for better circulation and moisture/sweat control. They have utlra smooth toe seem for sensitive feet and cushioned footbed for extra protection.

Best Women’s Diabetic Socks Under $100

Practicing optimal foot care is as necessary as practicing hygiene or style. If you find yourself caught amongst high blood-sugar levels that may lead to diabetes and affect nerves of the feet as well; you should immediately get hold of diabetic socks. Here is our recommendation for ladies who are searching for options to prevent the worsening of their foot condition.

6. PEDS Women’s Diabetic Quarter Socks

Tired of your over-dry, cracked feet? Fed up of how diabetes has deteriorated your foot health in addition to increasing blood sugar levels? Well, then it’s about time to get hold of a good pair of the PEDS women’s diabetic socks. These socks are available in 2 colors and 2 sizes. Learn more about them below.

What We Like

Feel relaxed as the stretchable, non-binding top of these socks reduce your foot pressure, enhance circulation and reduce risks of foot infections. Furthermore, if you have a high demand for comfort; this pair is worth every penny as it provides a very snug fit without restricting circulation!

The imported diabetic socks are made with superb fibers like polyster, coolmax, nylon and lycra. They come with a cushion sole that gives your feet added protection against skin irritations. Just imagine the joy of feeling relived from the painful symptoms of poor circulation, foot ulcers, leg fatigue and swelling just by putting on a pair of these socks! Besides, your skin will be kept moisture free, and you will love how the Aloe Vera infusion soothes your dry, callused feet with its hydrating properties.

You can either buy the ankle fitting diabetic socks or over-the-calf lengths as per your needs, and enjoy their longevity over an extended use. Yes, you can wear them on a daily basis, day and night, and wash them over and over again without the fear of fading color or a tear here and there.

Final Thoughts About MediPeds Women Diabetic Socks

MediPeds women diabetic socks offers features like foot cushion, Non-binding top amd Lycra spandex. The sock's coolmax feature helps to keep it dry from sweat or moisture. These are one of the best diabetes socks for women.

7. Silky Toes Women’s Premium Diabetic Socks

Has diabetes or pregnancy been taking a toll on your feet lately? Or maybe you were just laid back in taking care of your feet, and are now willing to sooth them somehow? The Silky Toes women’s diabetic socks are bound to help you in this mission. These are available in 3 sizes and 7 colors.

What We Like

These socks are as soft as their name, silky soft! They glide up so easily, and are not tight on the ankles at all. Instead, they conform to your feet in a gentle manner, without giving you a squeezing sensation or restricting the blood flow to the feet. This is possible only due to its non-binding top, which aren’t common in regular socks that tend to leave elastic marks wherever their length ends.

The seamless construction of these pairs of diabetic socks under this brand minimizes foot pressure, occurrence of blisters on the feet due to the fiber continuously rubbing against the skin, and risks of infections as well. There is a cushioned foot bed too, and they come with ample moisture management by keeping sweat away, while the soft breathable cotton doesn’t let you feel too hot or cold when the socks are on. In short, your feet will feel comfortable all day long, and your feet will be odorless and healthy.

Guess what? You don’t even have to compromise on style as these socks are available in a wide array of basic dress colors. Perfect to flaunt on a daily basis in all occasions or just at home, they are very durable and can be washed a number of times without losing their softness, elasticity, color or comfort.

Final Thoughts About Silky Toes Diabetic Sock

SilkyToes women diabetic socks offers non-binding top for uninterrupted blood circulation. The socks also features moisture management and seamless construction for maximum comfort. And all that comes with an elegant design and wide variety of colors.

Best Diabetic Compression Socks Under $100

Seeking a correct amount of pressure for your swollen feet or aching legs, but too laid back to go for a compression therapy? Worry not, you can wear diabetic compression socks instead to serve the same purpose! Varicose veins, blood clots or foot issues pertaining to diabetes, all can be conveniently soothed by the pairs of socks listed below.

8. Truform 1913, Diabetic Compression Socks

Do you know what good diabetic foot care is? It means to check your feet every single day for any injuries or infections, and sporting footwear that aids your feet against such nuisances. This is where the importance of diabetic socks flows in, and the Truform 1913 brand offers a brilliant solution.

What We Like

These diabetic compression socks by Truform 1913 are available in knee-lengths, and a pack of 2 pairs. They are extra-soft and come with a mild 8-15 medical grade support along with other awesome features, like shock absorbent full cushion and sole and a large plush knit ribbing, which adds comfort while simultaneously providing protection for sensitive feet. In addition to this, the moisture wicking fibers of the socks help in keeping your feet dry, and the bacterial-resistant finish controls foul odors. The pair also boasts a seamless linked toe closure that prevents skin irritation.

Due to their gentle graduated compression, these diabetic socks are highly recommended by doctors for the riddance of aching legs and feet, treatment of spider veins or varicose veins and swelling too. Generally, they are ideal to wear if your routine requires sitting or standing for long durations. Your feet will surely enjoy the full-cushioned support, and the fact that the socks stay in place instead of bunching or sliding.

Highly durable for rough use on a day to day basis; these socks are the perfect example of great value for money. You can wash them by hand or in the machine without fretting about the socks losing their color, softness, elasticity or overall effectiveness to provide you with utmost comfort throughout the day.

Final Thoughts About Truform Diabetic Compression Socks

Truform compression socks are made of Acrylic, Nylon and Spandex. The socks offers mild 8-15 medical grade support and features a shock absorbing cushion foot and sole with plush knit for maximum comfrot and protection. These socks are available in 6 sizes and 2 colors.

9. SBSOX Lite Compression Socks for Men & Women

Has your blood circulation dropped due to your diabetes? The first thing you should do is get footwear that isn’t too tight yet provides a good fit. One great option to consider is the SB SOX Lite Compression socks. Scroll on for more on its features.

What We Like

The graduation compression technology used to make these socks provides the right amount of compression to boost the blood circulation to your feet, which ultimately leads to muscle recovery in areas such as your calves, legs, feet and ankles. Basically, it promotes recovery and reduces foot injury. Due to their unmatched comfort provided by the cushioned toe and heel support; these compression socks are even preferred by trainers other than those suffering from diabetes or other foot related issues.

The socks are firm fitting yet breathable so you can conveniently use them for athletic activities, travel or daily wear. Moreover, the socks come in two different sizes so as to ensure that users get focused support and relief from muscle fatigue. Even if you wear them the whole day, the anti-odor and anti-static fabric prevents the growth of bacteria along with keeping your feet free of sweat. This is definitely a perfect gift for just about anyone who stays on their feet most of the day.

Overall, these are trendy cross-fitting socks for both men and women, which helps in keeping all foot injuries and strain at bay. Find your perfect fit, as these come in different sizes, if you want your legs, calves and feet to feel less sore due to all the stress on them. Moreover, they are immensely long-lasting, and you don’t have to worry about buying a new pair again and again. They are capable of sustaining wear and tear caused due to machine wash and frequent use.

Final Thoughts About SBSOX Lite Compression Socks

The SBSOX lite compression diabetic socks are built with 15-20mmHg compression technology and offers improved blood circulation. These socks are designed with lightweight, durable, and breathable fabric with anti-odor and anti-static features. These socks are available in 2 sizes, 5 colors and 2 designs.

10. BLUETREE Compression Socks For Women and Men 15-20mmHg

Did you know that decreased blood circulation to your feet, for whatever reason, can cause other issues like injuries, swelling and even deformation of the foot or toes? If you are facing such a condition, then we suggest you to buy the Bluetree compression socks. Why? Read to know!

What We Like

There are hardly other compression socks in the market, priced so competitively despite offering such high level of efficiency in terms of the 360-degree stretch for enhanced flexibility, optimal temperatures, breathable fabric, and the ideal pressure. Your feet will not only stay moisture free in these socks, odor and bacteria accumulation will also be prevented. It is perfect for those who sit or stand for prolonged time periods throughout the day or travel a lot. In fact, even pregnant women and all those who are facing deteriorating foot conditions can gain health benefits from these socks.

Designed to provide effective therapeutic pressure and strong compression at the ankles, and to gradually decrease compression near the calves; these socks are very comfortable. They maximize the circulation of blood around your feet, and help to prevent swelling, blisters, infections, and overall leg fatigue. Moreover, the pair has an extra wide cuff top-band, which provides additional comfort by greater ankle support.

The seamless design compression socks are available in amazing color combination options, and are made from superior materials that make them thin overall, yet long-lasting. Besides, they come in a pack of 7, which means you can easily use them throughout the week without having to wash daily. Also, even if you do wash them on a regular basis, they are not going to tear or fade in color so easily.

Final Thoughts About BLUETREE Compression Socks For Women and Mens

BlueTree compression socks are a perfect mix of medicinal product and style. These socks are made of high performance fabric offers great flexibility and durability. The socks also maintain optimal temperature and offers bacteria protection as well. These socks are available in 7 colors and 2 sizes.

11. Plantar Fasciitis Relief Compression Socksfor Men and Women

Even though you may not need compression socks for diabetic issues; it’s always a good idea to invest in the affordable Health is Wealth compression socks, especially if you use your legs extensively, and are finding ways to recover from failing foot health.

What We Like

Stop letting foot pain keeping your from doing what you love. That’s the tagline of this product, and rightly so! The compression sleeves target the foot and lower leg to offer support for plantar fasciitis, which is common in people engaged in athletic acitivities as well as proffessions that call for sitting or standing for long periods. Effects of varicose veins, maternity swelling, deep vein thrombosis and chronic venous insufficiency can also be tackled by simply putting on these socks. It gives you the stability, comfort as well as relief from all sorts of foot issues, and allows you to handle your workout and daily tasks quite smoothly.

These medical grade socks serve multiple purposes from making the perfect accessories for diabetic patients, runners and nurses to coming handy for frequent travelers, serving great for trainers, and are helping to reduce foot cramps during pregnancy amongst many other pain relief benefits for your legs, calves and feet. Besides, you will hardly feel the compression, and these will appear no different than a decent pair or regular socks, except for the toe covering it sports.

These are made from eco-friendly fibers, and are made with the perfect fit and elasticity without compromising on the breathability or your comfort as a whole. Available in small, medium and large sizes, and black, pink, white and grey colors; these socks also come with a lifetime warranty. They are durable, promote blood circulation, and can be worn regularly without worrying about losing their elasticity or efficiency easily.

Final Thoughts About CXCraft Plantar Fasciitis Relief Compression Socks

These stylish compression socks by CXCraft improves blood circulation and provides relief for foot fatigue, cramps, swelling etc. These medical grade socks are perfect fit and serves multiple purpose from normal usage to diabetics. These socks are available in 4 colors and 3 sizes.

Final Words About Diabetic Socks

Affording a good pair of socks doesn’t call for spending a lot of money, but when it is diabetic socks we are talking about; the investment is a little higher than regular choices. It is therefore essential to choose smartly to ensure an ample foot care for diabetic patients as well as for those who occasionally suffer from foot swelling, ulcers or other infections.

With countless varieties of diabetic socks flooding the market, it can become quite difficult to pick out the best pair. To ease matters for you, we have put together the above-mentioned brands, which can be classified as the best ones to be bought under $100. Each of these pairs excel in comfort, longevity as well as effectiveness to protect your foot conditioned from worsening. So, have you decided which one is going to be the best pick for you?


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