Big Boss Air Fryer Review (2024 Updated)

Big Boss Oil-less fryer is a kind of deep fryer that cooks your food with considerably limited calories and without losing its savory taste. This fryer arrives ready to use directly out of the box. It includes a strong stand in which the glass bowl can sit in for durability and prevent from burning of surfaces because the bowl becomes really hot while cooking. The real magic happens in the lid of the bowl. Containing halogen bulbs, your cooking time will speed up by allowing convection and can deliver tasty food in a little time.

A lower grid is also included and a higher grid standing over the lower grid along with a mesh basket for shrimps, fries, and vegetables. Tongs and a small pump bottle are also a part of the package of the bowl and it can be used when there is a need to make a little addition of oil in the food. Smaller foods like fries can easily be air-fried by the mesh rack while the extender ring is used to fry big meals like a whole turkey. Thus, this Oil-less fryer’s design is the perfect combination to cook any kind of food without oil.

All the components of this dryer that needs to be clean are safe for the dishwasher but cleaning the glass bowl can be a bit difficult because it’s heavier in weight. And be cautious while cooking to never touch the glass bowl with bare hands because it gets really hot.

It can be used to bake fish, fry chicken, roasting turkeys, meat grilling, toasting bread, vegetables steaming, and even went desserts can be made as per your choice. And a very powerful point is that due to the combination of cooking technology you are able to cook three times quicker than a normal traditional fryer.

What is the heating mechanism?

The final result can be achieved by the working of three heating mechanisms along with each other which are halogen, convection, and infrared. Halogen and convection generate heat which spreads equally in the bowl by a fan and infrared heats up the ingredients from within while preserving all the moisture. This mechanism is the reason for three times faster cooking than a traditional convection oven.

Accessories And Attachments With Big Boss Air Fryer :

  • Cradle base
  • 16-quart glass bowl
  • 1300-watt heating unit with timer
  • Two-wire racks
  • Mesh rack
  • Extender ring
  • Oil sprayer bottle
  • Tongs
  • User Manual
  • Recipe book

Features of Big Boss Air Fryer:

  • No oil required to cook food
  • 2 racks for cooking big and small food
  • Halogen and Infrared heat
  • Convection fan
  • The adjustable temperature which is 200-450°F
  • Extender ring to make it taller
  • 60-minute timer
  • 3 to 4 persons serving
  • Oil-free food which is heart-friendly and healthy.
  • Two racks are included which allow you to cook two dishes at the same time.
  • The glass lid has a safety handle
  • This fryer works with a vast range of food
  • It can process food faster up to three times
  • While cooking you are able to view food due to the glass structure.
  • No mess and no heat in the kitchen
  • Selection of accessories is quite great
  • Large foods can also be cooked easily
  • Various ranges of temperatures available.

  • Parts of the fryer are very heavy
  • It requires a lot of storage and counter space.
  • Its analog interface is hard to use sometimes.
  • Food doesn’t cook so evenly as higher-rated options.
  • The glass bowl gets really hot to touch with bare hands so high precaution is much needed.

A person will really feel blessed after buying Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer for having a very good experience of flavorful, oil-less, heart-friendly, and healthy food. In today’s world, people have become very curious about their health and are taking health matters seriously so they have started thinking wisely and are opting for a healthy lifestyle!


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