Best Tech Gifts Under $100 – 2024 Cool Tech Gifts Ideas & Guide

Deciding about gifts is always a hard task and when it comes to tech gifts, things simply get tougher. If you are not a tech-savvy person then deciding on what gadget to buy as a gift will always be a daunting task for you. With the fast-paced innovation and technology, it’s hard to keep up with all the trends and updates. On the other hand, nothing is as exciting as getting a tech gift. So if you are looking for a gift for a teenager or a tech-savvy person, then guide on coolest tech gifts is just the thing you are looking for.

There are several articles on the internet related to technologies such as their advantages and their usefulness and you must have read a few of them in order to know what benefits technology can bring into your life. Now, with the advancement in technologies, there are several different kinds of electronic items available in the market with innovative technologies that are quite useful and can bring significant advantage in several areas. So these gadgets are now the most demanded gifts in 2018.

To highlight cool technological innovations, here we have compiled a list with some of the best available technology gifts in the market under 100 dollars.

Items Tracker – Best Gift For That *Special* Person:

This might be the coolest mini tech loaded device in the market as it let you track your missing items. It’s too common that we left our stuff at someplace we went to, and then find it difficult to remember it, which is indeed very annoying. To ease us with this problem, there is a cool device available in the market called “items tracker” which ensures that whenever we find it difficult to remember the last place of our any item, it helps in tracking the item using the innovative technology as it is integrated with an app which has an option of turning on the alarm beep to indicate the item`s position.

The items tracker also comes with the GPS which shows the exact location of the missing item. The shape and design of items tracker varies product by product meaning each available product has its own unique shape and design but one thing to notice here is that there is one thing which is common in all of the available market products is that majority of them are small in size and have a compact design, which makes them fit easily in the narrow space (e.g. pocket). The work efficiency is also quite impressive of this device as it indicates the position of the product with incredible accuracy. The range of trackers depends as it varies from product to product, many companies offer items tracker with a few meters range and others offer products with a range that can reach up to several hundred meters. Some of the big brands offering item trackers are Tile, Pixie Point & TrackR. The prices vary from $25 to $45 based on range, battery life and alarm sound.

Health & Fitness Tracker – A Perfect Gift for A Fitness Enthusiast:

When it comes to health and fitness, it is important to monitor the functioning status of the body. People used to visit clinics for health checkups, tests and obtaining the results. Now, advancement in the field of medical sciences especially medical equipment has made it quite easier for people like us with very limited functional knowledge of medical equipment to conduct a self-check-up test using a device without having to go to a specialist such as using a thermostat to measure body temperature. But even these instruments and devices such as thermostat require little knowledge and time to check the status of the body but these innovative technologically advanced devices automatically perform all of the functions using sensors and high tech system. The range of functions of this device varies from product to product as few companies that are making health and fitness trackers offer devices with basic options and some offers a wide range of options including the distance covered, calorie count, sleep patterns, reproductive health, stress & menstrual cycle. The design of this tracker is a small and sleek design which enables the user to stick it perfectly on clothes such as on shirts. The key function of this tracker is that it starts the monitoring operation automatically as soon as it is placed near to the body meaning you don’t need to start the operation, it does it by itself. The device is battery powered and there are two different types available in the market, one with the rechargeable battery option and others with non-rechargeable ones. Most of them sync with an app in your smartphone that keeps all the record of your health and activity.

Surge Protector – Best Choice to Keep Your Gadgets Safe:

The power surge problem is very rare nowadays but it exists. I can bet that you have some mobile chargers which suddenly just stopped working. Power surges can be a reason for that. Although power surges are more common in poor countries as compared to developed countries as the electricity transmission systems are weak and old in poor countries but even in developed countries, it does happen sometimes due to several reasons such as thunderstorms and system malfunction. Power surges are quite harmful to electronic items as a sudden surge in power can easily destroy devices and switchboards damage often leads to fire breakout which is indeed very dangerous. Homeowners used to install circuit breakers in their houses to protect their electronic equipment from damage due to the power surge. To counter the power surge problem, technology companies around the world have introduced several devices that can help in protecting the devices and electronic equipment and one of them is a surge protector. A surge protector is a device designed in a way that it can easily resist power surge and are very effective in protecting the household electronic items and especially our gadgets from any sort of damage. Basically, surge protectors consist of fuses and high-quality components which automatically disables the connection when it detects that the power rating is exceeding the certain limit. Now, we are used to having multiple electronic items in our houses running at a time such as TV, refrigerator, mobile phone charger etc which are vulnerable to damage in case there is a power surge and each of these items are pretty expensive to own. To protect these necessary items, surge protectors are one of the best options to go for as by investing a few dollars can save a lot whenever any such situation may appear.

Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer – A Unique Gift For Your Photographer Friend:

You might be reading about this item for the very first time as it is among one of the latest technologies in the market. Have you ever wondered why movies quality is too good and why the camera angle in the movies remains in the position? Well, thanks to gimbal stabilizer which plays a vital role in stabilizing the camera and providing support to the body in order to prevent it from shaking. The gimbal stabilizers are so efficient that it now become the first choice of almost every photographer and video content producer around the world. One of the key function of the gimbal is the axis pan which keeps the camera stable. With all the latest advancements in our smartphones cameras in, there are now smartphone gimbal stabilizers available in the market ranging from high to low quality, which are very effective in keeping the smartphone in the upright position. Video bloggers around the world often use their smartphones for the blogging purpose and it is often difficult to keep the video perfectly smooth as during filming even a slight tilt in position can affect the video. Smartphone gimbal stabilizers ensure the stability of the smartphones and keep the video in a perfect angle without any blurry effects. With the introduction of this awesome technology, it now becomes way easier for the common person to record high-quality video just using the smartphone with a gimbal stabilizer.

Universal Docking Station – Most Convenient Gift for Your Geeky Friend:

Setting up a computer can be a hectic process especially when it comes to assembling multiple devices such as desktop computers, monitors, laptops etc. Tangled wires often cause disruption in working and setting up multiple devices requires lots of space for wires and connecting them in a proper order, in order to avoid getting in that trouble, the best way to go with is to use a universal docking station. It is a device that provides the option to connect multiple devices using one single device meaning several devices can be operated at a time. The universal docking station comes with several ports including USB, USB 2.0, HDMI, DVI, VGA, LAN, and headset jack. By using this device, one can easily extend the monitor display. The docking station also supports extended mode, mirror mode, distinct mode and the screen rotation mode. One of the key features of using the docking station is that it takes way less space and all it takes to disconnect all of the devices are just unplugging only one cable. There are many types of universal docking station available ranging from limited options product to ones with multiple.

SmartWatch – When Fashion& Tech Both Are Priorities:

The watch was invented long ago and since its invention, there have been quite a lot of changes in its design and components. As the technology transformed many things, watches also went through multiple transition phases and as a result, the smartwatch was invented. Smartwatch refers to a watch with lots of features and options. It has a screen instead of hands and all of the operations is being done using software which allows it to show date and time, emails, messages, and lot more stuff than a traditional watch. Also, the smartwatch is equipped with a rechargeable battery means you do not have to change the battery when it is completely drained like people used to with old watches. The touchscreen of the smartwatch is very responsive and basically, identify touch directions with incredible accuracy. Although the starting price of the smartwatch is just a few dollars it can go up to several hundred dollars depending on the specification as higher the features higher the price. There are several different types of smartwatches meaning you have the option of water resistant, scratch protection screen smartwatches and much more options like these.

Smart Speakers – A Gift To Feel Like a Wizard:

Speakers have been around for several decades and used for multiple purposes. Now, we have come so far in innovation that there is a device which recognizes the human voice and performs functions such as replying to the questions or adjust synchronized devices. All of the functions of smart speakers are being done using the voice recognition features which is the coolest thing as they can easily recognize commands and perform functions. So if you set a command of turning on the light in the living room then when you say the specific word the device would automatically recognize it and is so efficient that it will only turn on that light as it follows the commands with incredible accuracy. So, if you want to set up and operate multiple devices then you can easily do that using smart speakers. Basically, it requires an internet connection for operation and needs to be connected with Wi-Fi in order to operate the household devices. A few years ago, to turn lights on, clapping sound detecting lights were famous due to their incredible accuracy but now you just need to use your voice command to do that operation also you can do many other functions with it.

Portable Power Banks – A Gift Everyone Could Use:

In the current era, it is almost become impossible to stay away from using smartphones or hi-tech gadgets like tablets, laptops, smart watches etc. All of these gadgets run on batteries which normally lasts only for a few hours and requires power to recharge. It is obvious that when outside, it gets difficult to recharge the battery of your gadget and commute at the same time. In order to overcome this problem, companies have introduced portable power banks in the market which is made in a way that it can easily be carried during the commute and perform the function of recharging the battery effectively. So, you don`t need to worry about the problem that your mobile battery would be dead and you would not be able to recharge if you are away from your home or during a trip. Well, with portable power banks, it is now possible to recharge the battery of smartphones, tablets and other related gadgets on the go. The capacity of the battery varies from product to product but on average the mid-range portable power bank can easily recharge a smartphone at least 02 to 03 times. People also use portable power banks to rum LED lights usually when they go camping.

Wireless Charger – The Gift Of Future:

A wireless charger is a device that lets you recharge your smartphone without having to connect it with a wire meaning that all you need to do is place the phone near this device and it automatically starts recharging it. One of the biggest ease this device provides is the avoidance of wire connectivity which is indeed very annoying to find and connect. The mechanism at which the wireless charger work is different than a traditional charger as it transforms energy by a different method. It is a fact that wireless charging compatible smartphones are very limited and it would take some time for every smartphone makers to obtain this technology and add up this amazing option in their product line. Few automakers are also offering cars with the option of wireless charging meaning people can now charge their smartphones and tablets wirelessly in their automobile as well. There would soon be laptops with the option of wireless charging in the market which would also increase the convenience of the users as it did with smartphones.

Wireless Bluetooth Headset – The Ultimate Gift For Music Lovers:

In the early 90’s, there was a trend of portable cassette player (Walkman) and people used to travel with it and listen to their favourite music and songs and it was considered a very convenient way of entertainment as well as the cool thing. The annoying thing was the long headset wires that move around during walk but now things have changed. To make things more convenient for people with a habit of listening to music during jogging or walking, they don’t have to worry about wires with a wireless Bluetooth headset. Now, the wireless Bluetooth headset is quite different than the traditional wired headset as instead of using wires for connectivity it uses Bluetooth to connect and operate and it is powered by a battery. The battery of wireless Bluetooth headset is rechargeable and last up to several hours depending on the usage.


So here you have it, best tech gifts you can get under 100 dollars. So if you have a friend’s birthday coming up or your daughter achieves good grades in school or you just want to gift something to your colleague who likes computers and smartphones, then this guide is basically your trump card. Now with so many options available to you, you will be always the person in the room with the best gift!


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